EXCUSIVE: Corrupt Messy Situation With Cameroun Soldiers in Mamfe – Generals Accused of Embezzling Allowances

Hunger is beginning to take a toll on the soldiers in Mamfe as allowances are embexled.

By Martin Agbor Ndip, Wednesady, January 3, 2018

Southern Cameroons Journal, Mamfe – Agitation is emerging within the ranks of La Republique du Cameroun soldiers deployed in Manyu. A military source in Mamfe disclosed to the Southern Cameroons Journal that junior officers and their Colonel superiors are beginning to grumble that the soldiers deployed to fight in Manyu are not being paid their allowances. “There have been complaints among soldiers and colonels that the Cameroon soldiers sent to fight in Southern Cameroons have not been paid allowances.” The source said.

The agitation is particularly strong amongst the colonels directing the war effort for La Republique and they are pointing accusing fingers at the Generals. Some of them are reported as saying “many are hungry and cannot fight on an empty stomach.” The Colonels say funds dispatched to them in the warfront have been swindled and “have not reached the soldiers on the front.”

The Journal gathered that Yaoundé has instructed Sylvester Jiofack, the Director of Military Justice, and the Deputy Director of Budget and Equipment, Simon Etonde, to investigate if funds intended for soldiers have been embezzled by Generals leading the war.

They are also charged with finding out the morale of the troops on the ground in the face of these complaints. “They do not want the soldiers to turn their guns on their officers or mutiny as they did in Ngaoundere last year.” Our source disclosed.

In La Republique’s official communiques, they turn to code name Mamfe, where the war is ongoing as ‘Pretoria,’ (capital of South Africa). “It is a messy situation with the corruption in the army. Even equipment is lacking.” Our source said.

He added that in some situations, soldiers are having to literally sleep on hard floors, go and look for food in town and then get ready to fight. The situation has greatly affected the moral of the soldiers, adding to the daily ambush and killings that they are increasingly subjected to by the mysterious appearance and disappearance of Odey-Shi boys.

Our informant said, the regime in Yaoundé is secretly carrying out burials of their soldiers killed in Mamfe for fear that news of the many fallen will cause disaffection from within the ranks. He disclosed that so many soldiers have been killed to the extent that gov’t is afraid families of the soldiers may get the news. “Recently, the killings in Ndian, Manyu and Bafaka have been so many that they are afraid families of the fallen soldiers will strike.” Our source said.

Speaking about Mamfe, he said “everybody is in fear that spiritual gun (Odey shi), can come. They (Cameroon soldiers) have come with Pigmies from the Eastern Region to exercise their medicine in traditional way to fight the Ambas army. Our informant disclosed.

He also disclosed that the French are conducting military reconnaissance of the area. “France has a camera to map the whole Mamfe and to detect every movement anywhere,” he said.

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