Bikers in SW Snub Atanga Nji’s First Order as Minister


Paul Atanga Nji,
Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon’s Territorial Administration Minister

By Abah Abah, Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Southern Cameroon Journal, Kumba – Motor bike riders in the South West Region have described Paul Atanga Nji’s 15 days ban on their activities as “a brash, hasty and inhumane decision.”

They have said that they cannot yield to such a cruel decision and go jobless because some people are using bikes to commit atrocious acts on security officers.

Livinus Nkengafack, one of the riders who ply the Muyuka-Ikarta and Muyenge road to the Journal that the Minister’s decision through his Governor is a joke.

“How can they forbid bikes from plying Muyuka-Muyenge and Ikarta road? This is the only means of transportation here. Such a decision is just like telling Cameroonians in this part of the country not to move from where they are. I think the Government need to rethink and reverse its decision because it would not work.”

Ekane Augustine, a bike rider in Sandpit, Buea, who is not even affected by the gubernatorial decision, told this reporter that such a decision will only create more problems for the Government than it would solve.

“I don’t know what this Minister is thinking. Does he want hundreds of us to pick up guns and become armed robbers just to earn a living? Many of us who are graduates are distracting ourselves with this bike riding business because there are no jobs in Cameroon and the Government has been asking young people to be hard working. How can they do this when the same Government is not encouraging had work? Such a decision can only kill the spirit of hard work in the youths,” he said

In Kumba, the economic heartbeat of the Region that boast of close to 25,000 bike riders, the Ministerial decision is a non-event. After the Ministerial decision was re-echoed by South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, in a Regional Order last Friday, the bikers simply snubbed the order and went about their business unperturbed.

According to executive of the Bikers’ Union, if Minister Atanga Nji wants his order to succeed, he should come to Kumba himself and enforced it.

It should be noted that Kumba is one of the cities in Cameroon that has experienced great positive transformation following the emergence of the motor bike sector. K-town, as it is fondly called, was very notorious for fey-mania, armed robbery and fake documents.

But most of these vices have dwindled in recent times as most of those who were engaged in such activities are gainfully employed in the motor bike sector. Banning the bikers as the Government has done, is like simply sending the guys back to their old life.

Atanga Nji had said the move is to curtail the movement of Ambazonia Forces who are using motor bike to kill security operatives.

Going by him, through bikes, terrorists have succeeded in assassinating 27 security officers and burnt several public buildings, schools, hospital facilities, markets, private residences among others.


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