Senator Daniel Matute’s Political Career Hangs on The Balance After Divorce With CPDM Friends


Emilia Lifaka,
Emilia Lifaka, Vice House Speaker of the National Assembly

By Abah Abah, Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Southern Cameroons Journal, Victoria – Daniel Matute, one of the first elected Senators of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) in the South West Region, is facing an uncertain political career.

The former Mayor of Limbe I, was dropped from the 2018 CPDM Senatorial list, which is made up of all the incumbent South West Senators led by Nfor Tabetando of Bachuo-Ntai Kingdom in Manyu Division.

Speaking to reporters during the constitution of the 2018 Senatorial list in February this year, the Vice House Speaker of the National Assembly, Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, said Senator Daniel Matute was dropped from the list of South West Senators for many reasons ranging from his indifference in contributing to the party’s activities to threats from CPDM militants in other parts of the Division.

Lifaka stated that Limbe, which is the base of Matute was over favoured in terms of political appointments and positions, and that militants in other Subdivisions in Fako Division, such as, Tiko and Muyuka Subdivisions were threatening to go on strike if they are not also appointed or included in some top positions of the party.

The Vice Speaker of the National Assembly said it was in a bid to prevent a militant protest that could automatically lead to a political carpet crossing at this very important election year that the party hierarchy in the South West Region decided to reduce the privileges of Limbe, by sacrificing Senator Matute for the 2018 polls and extend it to other Subdivisions.

Lionel Papiantu Fonderson from Tiko Subdivision was brought in to replace the Matute. This could be the end of the political career of the former Mayor of Limbe I, except if President Paul Biya appoints him again as Senator.

Lekunze Andreas Membo from Lebialem was brought into the CPDM rank to replace late Senator Fontem Njifua who passed away during the course of his first mandate in Cameroon’s Upper House of Parliament.


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