Forbi Exchanges Verbal Punches with House Speaker over Sisikou’s Abduction


Simon Forbi Nchinda
SDF Momo MP, Simon Forbi Nchinda

By Abah Abah, Friday, March 16, 2018

Southern Cameroons Journal, Yaoundé – Cameroon’s National Assembly, Friday March 16 almost turned into a boxing ring as the House Speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, and SDF MP, Simon Forbi Nchinda, exchanged verbal punches over the extradition of the leaders of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The verbal fracas erupted when Forbi accosted the Minister of External Relation, Le Jeune Mbella Mbella, with five heart-wrecking questions on the plight of the Ambazonians, especially the systematic genocide that is being meted out on them.

Things got really heated when the Forbi asked the Minister to vouchsafe a word on the whereabouts of the leaders of the Interim Government of Ambazonia, whom he said have mysteriously disappeared from the surface of the earth.

“I’m  talking about a gentleman call Sisiku  Ayuk Tabe  and I think, I say I think because we don’t  know how many, 47 persons who accompanied him. Where is he or where are they at this point in time? Because there are rumours about them being somewhere between Cameroon and Nigeria, you as our Minister of External Relations, I think you are the right person to tell us where these persons are, because they disappeared from a hotel in Nigeria and as of now, they have not been heard from or seen by the public. What is the state of their affairs? What is their health like? Where are they? When do we expect to see them?

“Question number four concerns the notion of extradition. How to extradite persons between countries where extradition treaties exist. Does the extradition treaty of Nigeria permits persons to be extradited to Cameroon?

This question that forced the House Speaker to seize the microphone from Forbi on grounds that the question was not in tandem with the business of the day. He said they were there to discuss a treaty between Cameroon and Germany and not an extradition treaty between Cameroon and Nigeria.

However Forbi reminded Cavaye that they were still at the level of general questions, which will automatically lead them into the text of the day.

As the President of the National Assembly attempted to invoke his powers to stop Forbi from talking, the MP said he could not remain quiet because the subject was sufficiently important and needed to be discussed.

Of all the requests Forbi made, Cavaye refused to give him the floor. “Now you have to talk about Cameroon and Germany not Cameroon and Nigeria” Cavaye interjected.

“I am not a Parliamentarian from Germany, I am a Parliamentarian from Cameroon and I will defend the interest of Cameroon at all points and I request the Rt. Hon. Speaker to do the same. Please we are talking about the interest of Cameroon…” Forbi fired back.

Meantime, despite bombarding the Minister of External Relations with his questions, the septuagenarian Cavaye instructed Minister Mbela Mbella not to response to Forbi’s questions. This was another blow to Cameroon’s law house, where deliberations and laws are voted on the whims and caprices of an overbearing executive.



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