Amnesty Demands Urgent Probe Into Excessive Use of Force on Anglophone Protesters

A yet to be identified victim from the Kumba riot, Friday Dec. 9.

By Amindeh Blaise Atabong, December 12, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Human rights watchdog – Amnesty International, has called on the Biya government to urgently investigate the excessive use of force by state police that resulted to the death and injury of protesting Anglophones.

“Authorities in Cameroon must shed light on the circumstances of these killings and injuries by immediately conducting thorough, impartial and effective investigations. Those reasonably suspected of criminal responsibility for these deaths must be brought to justice,” Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Central Africa Researcher said in a statement issued on Friday December 9.

According to the rights watchdog, unnecessary or excessive force was deployed by Government security forces in arresting the tension. To Amnesty International, such action “threatens to further enflame an already tense situation and could put more lives at risk.”

Amnesty International noted that security forces also reportedly fired tear gas onto the Bamenda Main Market where no one was protesting. The group equally said security forces were also seen launching teargas into an area apparently unrelated to the protests, as well as firing live ammunition in the air.

“We call on the Cameroonian authorities to refrain from the use of unlawful force in its response to the protests.”

The call for investigations is coming after brutality by Cameroon security forces on peaceful protesters in the towns of Bamenda, Kumba and Buea. The Cameroon Journal can confirm that at least six people have died in Bamenda and Kumba, while many others obtained severe injuries.




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  1. This the result of our work on the ground. Mr Biya can continue Southern Cameroonians or get his lackeys mock at us. The world will get to know and soonest, The Hague will provide lunch and dinner for him and his lackeys

    Agien Nyangkwe

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