Anglophone Pastors Increasingly Voicing Public Support for Ongoing Strike Action

Rev. Babila George Forchang
Rev. Babila George Forchang, Synod Clerk PCC

By Tapuka Gerald, Monday, February 6, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Kumba – Several Anglophone Pastors, both prominent and little-known are beginning to publicly condemn government’s highhandedness in managing the current crisis in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

One of the first Pastors to publicly throw his support behind the strike action was the Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) who, according to protocol is the second most important personality of the church. The Rev. Babila Fochang recently took to Facebook dishing out daily meditations which are mostly focused on the strike.

In his postings, he refers to the North West and South West as Che and Limunga and to the Francophone regime as Mbarga and Ali, insinuating that Mbarga and Ali do not want to let Limunga and Che go. At every instance, he comes up with words to either

consoled the Anglophone population or encourage the leaders of the consortium. He encourages them to maintain their stance, adding that God is fighting for them. He has likened the situation to the Israelites who were held captives in Egypt and God finally liberated them and has asked every Southern Cameroonian to pray at least three times daily. This is how he puts it; “Let us commit our cause to the Lord in prayer at least three times a day.”

The Synod Clerk hasn’t been the only one vociferous about the matter. Other high ranking Presbyterian Pastors have also strongly condemned gov’t’s intransigence. The Parish Pastor of PCC Nsimeyong in Yaoundé for example, where some of the regime’s barons worship, Rev Kang Denis has vowed to pray until “pharaoh let His people go.” He has openly condemned the brutality meted on university of Buea students and cautioned members of his congregation who have been serving as “errand boys” for the regime against their own people to desist from such practices.

On January 20, during a service to pray for Christian unity, the Rev Bessong Johnson of PCC Kumba Mbeng, who is also one of the top

officials of the church (Secretary Committee of the Ministry, PCC) lamented, “how can the government claim to love Anglophones when it has shut down internet for almost a month. Go and tell them (the government) that such policies instead divide the country even though Christ said we should be one,” he said.

Still, in Kumba, a prominent Pastor, Prophet Kelvin Nubiga in one of his services prophesied that God is on the side of Anglophones and the leaders of the consortium. However, he warned that should they allow violence to grip the struggle, God may likely pull out of it.

Other mainstream Men of God like Pastor Nkwenti Neba of Kumba have led prayers against the regime and taken to social media sharing any messages that encourage the strike action. Some are preaching from abroad like Prophet Princewill Myles who has invited Cameroonian Pastors to pray for God to see Anglophones through the struggle.

In Baptist Church Etoug’Ebe during Thursday’s prayer meeting and Sunday services, special prayers are said always about the current stalemate. The church leaders have also organized special days of prayers for Cameroon and especially the Anglophone problem. It should be noted that Prime Minister, Yang Philemon worships in this Church.

Another Pastor in Bamenda who opted to remain anonymous confided in us that the strike action was carefully planned by God – that is why it is only happening now, and now is the time for liberation.



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