Anglophone Protest is Organized Terrorism – Djibril, House Speaker

Six years old Cavayé Yéguié Djibril, Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly

By Amindeh Blaise Atabong, December 12, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde –   Seventy Six years old Cavayé Yéguié Djibril, Speaker of Cameroon’s National Assembly, has expressed a desire to see Anglophone protesters severely punished.

The MP, who by Cameroonian standards is ‘Honorouble’, made the pronouncement while officially closing the third parliamentary session for this year, Friday December 9.

Cavaye dedicated a greater part of his speech to express bitterness at the ongoing strike actions orchestrated by Common Law lawyers and Anglophone teachers.

The Speaker, who hails from Mayo Savo Division of the Far North Region, condemned in strong terms the bloody protest which took place in Bamenda on December 8. He appeared upset that the protesting Anglophones disrupted a rally of his Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement,

CPDM party, which was scheduled to hold in the city. He was also mad at the fact that CPDM fabrics and the Republic of Cameroon’s flags were burnt in public, while Southern Cameroons flags were hoisted across some towns in the North West and South West Regions.

The National Assembly Speaker described Anglophones who took part in the strike as vandals and likened their actions to organized terrorism. It is not the first time the ageing MP is making allusion to terrorism. At the opening of the National Assembly session, he likened the social media use in Cameroon as a form of terrorism, he also had insinuated that there were Boko Haram members as MPs in the house.

Last Friday declaration by Cavaye was saluted by CPDM MPs, who form the majority in a parliament described as a “rubber stamp” parliament.

The MPs didn’t show any remorse for those who lost their lives in the shootings by security forces rather choosing to throw stones.




  1. He is but an old clown. This is an old man who has half a century experience in politics failing to read certain signals. He failed to notice that more than 20 000 Southern Cameroonians refused to sing the LRC national anthem in Buea when the SDF Chairman went rallying.
    The Haoussa man from Mayo Sava did not see the Southern Cameroons flags hoisted at the Commercial avenue in Bamenda and other towns of SC. That to him is “Terrorism”

    Abeg Old man, go slip!!!

  2. WE WANT THIS OLD men in Yaounde to know that we will not go back all their families are well seated and this regime dont even think of their children is a bloody regime since from docking years i mean for example 1986 is a blood regime becos thay dont think of tomorrow thay believe thy could never have age the idiot djibril that does not even no how his north side looks like open his elephant mout and start address the nation with stupid word is over federation or saprestion thay think thay will lie the world this time no enough is enough

  3. For me if fighting for a just course makes me a terrorist then tell them I NDIFON PIUS VEGA is a terorist number one.he is old and should not be still in public services,I have always say this,as long as anglophones cameroonians remain in the alms of paul Biya and his old cpdm we will always remain poon like any other French country in Africa

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