Angry Mob Jeers and Boo Atanga Nji in Bamenda

Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency Paul Atanga Nji
Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency Paul Atanga Nji.

By Mua Patrick, December 8, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – It was a dramatic scene when Special Duties Minister, Paul Atanga Nji who a fortnight ago said there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon, got to Bamenda. He was booed and jeered by an angry mob that wanted to lynch him.

Atanga Nji, known for making derogatory remarks against the Anglophone struggle, had arrived the Bamenda Congress hall in a dark jeep, when an irate crowd began marching towards his car, apparently for an assault.  Sensing danger, he immediately zoomed off on top speed amidst booing from the crowd. He was spotted in town hours later – this time heavily guarded by armed soldiers.

Meanwhile, prior to Wednesday gathering of CPDM elite in the Bamenda Congress Hall, PM Yang the Prime Minister, met with some trade unionists and leaders of Anglophone groupings. Our source hinted that the PM’s move was in an attempt to calm down tempers so they could have a successful CPDM rally today.

Today’s meeting

As todays ‘s CPDM rally comes up, an atmosphere of uncertainty looms in Bamenda as ongoing strike action by English-speaking teachers and Common Law lawyers continues.

The Secretary General of the CPDM, Jean Kuete, who is in Bamenda on the behest of the Head of State, is expected to address militants at today’s event. However, The Cameroon Journal has

gathered that the meeting is most likely to be largely boycotted by inhabitants of the Region.

The planned boycott, we are told, is prompted by the recent turn of events in the country as well as Yaounde’s long and provocative silence over the grievances of lawyers and teachers.

Yesterday, tracts calling for a boycott of today’s event circulated across Bamenda.  The tracts called on cab drivers and commercial motor bike riders to stay off the roads in order to render movement impossible for the larger part of the day.

On the sidelines of their visit to Bamenda, Jean Kuete, will meet with leaders of the striking teachers and lawyers, we learned.

They will during the Bamenda rendezvous, just like was the case in Buea Tuesday, re-echoed calls for teachers to end their indefinite industrial action that has paralysed schools in the North West and South West Regions.

Focus today will also centre on the much talked about Anglophone marginalisation in Cameroon which is now being termed the “Anglophone problem.”

In Buea, while dismissing the existence of an Anglophone problem, Kuete stated that the problems that Anglophones are facing in the country are the same that all Cameroonians in other parts of the country face. He maintained that the CPDM does not support injustice in any form, adding that the party is there to work for the development and growth of the entire nation.



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