At Buea Scanty Rally, Biya’s Envoy Praised The Police For Arrest And Torture of Anglophone Protesters

Jean Nkuete
Jean Nkuete,Secretary-General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (RDPC), Biya’s envoy to Buea.

By Mua Patrick, December 7, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Buea – The head of the delegation sent to the South West Regional capital by President Paul Biya to sue for peace Jean Kuete, who is also Secretary General of the CPDM made no mention of the existence of an Anglophone problem in Cameroon in the speech he delivered in Buea yesterday.

Rather, Kuete stated that the problems that Anglophones are facing in the nation are the same that all Cameroonians in other parts of the country are facing. He said the CPDM does not support injustice in any form adding that the party is there to work for the development and growth of the entire nation.

Jean Kuete called on the population of the South West Region to refrain from engaging in street protests; demonstrations which he said are orchestrated by ‘enemies of the Republic’. He went further to congratulate the security services for what he described as a job well done in the steps they took to arrest the Buea riots.

“Cameroon is a nation committed to satisfying the needs of her citizens. We should learn to live in peace and harmony with one another. The state will not tolerate any deviant behavior from any citizen,” Kuete concluded.

For his part, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang, called on parents to send their children back to school, adding that from the way the government has addressed the grievances that prompted Lawyers and teachers to go on strike, there was a lot of good faith and good will on the part of government.

Another personality who took to the rostrum in Buea was former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge, now Senator and Grand Chancellor of National Orders. He called on striking teachers to go back to school stressing that the regime of President Paul Biya has done a lot for the South West Region; accomplishments which Musonge said have virtually transformed the outlook of the town of Buea.

He cited specifically the Reunification Monument and projects that were executed to enable the region host the Women African Nations Cup as those that have left a permanent mark on the face of not only Buea, the regional capital but Fako division as a whole.

The Buea rally, it should be said was largely boycotted. Those who attended, we observed could barely occupy the grandstand at the Bongo Square.

Earlier during the day, we gathered that efforts by some desperately CPDM officials to ferry in people from Tiko, Limbe (Most of who are CDC workers) was futile. Majority of the persons contacted by the CPDM bigwigs, we gathered turned down the FCFA 2000 offered them to travel to Buea.




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