Ayah Paul Choking in Titus Edzoa’s Former Cell at SED

Ayah Paul Abine,
Ayah Paul Abine, Supreme Court Advocate and leader of the opposition Popular Action Party.

By Folegwe II Menky, February 2, 2017

Cameroon Journal, YaoundéDetained Chief Justice and leader of the People’s Action Party, PAP, Ayah Paul Abime, who was arrested recently has been dumped in the same air tight cell that Titus Edzoa was incarcerated for 16 years by the Biya regime awaiting trial.

 The cell is one of the tinniest at the Secretariat of State for Defense in charge of the National Gendarmerie, SED, in Yaoundé, with little ventilation and prone to invasion by all types of dangerous insects and even rodents. We learned soon after he was detained, Chief Justice Ayah’s health took a nose dive and it has continued to deteriorate since then.

“A Gendarme officer passed in front of his cell on the night of January 24, 2017. The state in which he found Justice Ayah frightened him so he, (the Gendarme officer)  left the cell door open all

through the night for fear that Ayah might give up the ghost before day break if he does not get enough air in that suffocating prison room,” a local newspaper reporter.

According to a report in Kalara newspaper, the break of day coincided with the visit by the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms to the Chief Justice. “Justice Ayah narrated to members of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms that the circumstances and manner in which his arrest was carried out amount to gross abuse of his human rights. He also told them that he has informed the President of the Supreme Court which he, (Ayah) is a member, but the President of the Supreme Court has not reacted up till now,” the newspaper stated.

We learned the incarcerated Chief Judge asked to be seen by a Cardiologist as well as by an eye specialist. But Ayah’s captors insisted that these medical experts must attend to the detainee only in the prison cell while the experts insisted that there is no way they can move all their medical equipment, some of them highly sophisticated,  to the prison cell; insisting that Ayah must be allowed a  visit to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the family continues to decry what they describe as the inhuman conditions under which Justice Ayah is being detained, stressing that he is not allowed to move freely even in the detention facility yard, where as his physical condition even before detention requires him to be taking a lot of physical exercise.

The family continues to insist that the Chief Judge had no intention of fleeing the country because he has not been accused of any criminal act.



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