Bamenda Militarized After Black Monday – Troops Dropped in Over Night

Bamenda as captured last evening
Bamenda as captured last evening

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji, Nov. 22, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – After yesterday’s strike, streets in Bamenda, capital of the North West Region are littered with men in uniform combat ready to quell any uprising.

We have been reliably informed that dozens of soldiers from Kutaba training center in the West Region were brought overnight into the city.

An uneasy calm now reigns in the city after Monday’s clash with security forces. Barricades erected on streets in City Chemist, Foncha Junction, St Paul junction and other areas have all been cleared by the military. Few taxis and bikes were spotted early Tuesday trying to do business.

Some markets like the Bamenda main market and the Food market have remained closed. Guards on duty said that instructions were given for the gates to remain close because of fear on concentration of traders and buyers which could ignite another uprising.

However, gunshots were heard in Bambili early Tuesday with fresh confrontation between locals and security forces.

Monday’s strike action in Bamenda was championed by a certain Mancho Bibixy, popularly known as Mancho BBC. He started by denouncing bad states of Bamenda roads coupled with activities of Chinese contractors on the roads and other social ills plaguing the city.

Military Helicopter hoovering over the city to intimidate protesters.
Military Helicopter hoovering over the city to intimidate protesters.

At the time when the violent strike action was going on members of teachers trade Unions that embarked on a sit down strike action that same day gathered at the North West Governor’s office with the Archbishop and the Moderator of the PCC present to seek for lasting solutions to problems affecting English sub system of education.

The leaders resolved that negotiations with government can only be held in Bamenda and not in Yaoundé. They also said the Archbishop of Bamenda and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon must be present during such deliberations. The trade Unionists said they do not want Fame Ndongo as moderator of the meeting.

The strike, they said, will only be called off if convincing solutions are arrived at.




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