Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe Qualifies For League Two Championship

Bang Bullet FC
Bang Bullet FC team.

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji, Dec. 22, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Nkambe – North West regional representation in the national League Two championship has been increased to three with the qualification of Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe, Tuesday December 20.

The boys from Donga Mantung division beat AS Menoua of Dschang 3-1 in day five and last playing day in the 2016

inter pools. Bang Bullet will be among the third team from the North West region to compete in the next football season in League two alongside PWD of Bamenda and Polytechnic Bambui.

Victoria United alias One People One Power failed to cross to 8 points which would have permitted her to battle for the last place reserved for best loser in two groups.

Classification after Last Day

Group A

1st Avion FC of  Nkam 9 points

2nd  Reste du Monde of Ebolowa 9 points

3rd Scorpion of Bé 6 points

4th Santos FC of Koza 3 points

5th Water Polo of Meiganga 3 points


Group B

1st Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe 10 points

2nd FC Yaoundé II 7 points

3rd Victoria United of Limbe 5 points

4th AS Menoua of Dschang 3 points

5th AS Bethel of Bertoua 3 points



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