Blame MoRISC and Elvis Kometa For this Present Mess

(Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert
(Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert

By Denis Lihman, Friday, February 23, 2017

It is clear there is a little misunderstanding in the consortium. Leadership is having issues like in every group given the constant manipulation of LRC! But it seems some people are praying for its downfall instead of helping them reconcile.

Since the creation of MoRISC, the aspiration of the people of Southern Cameroon for a united front appears to be stalled with antagonism. Why will Innocent Chia, Boh Herbert’s henchman take to Tweeter to broadcast a small disagreement in the Consortium to the world instead of talking to Ivo in house? Also, Elsey Awantoh keeps on referring to a certain guy in Houston! If you are so sure, why not put his name out so that all of us can call them out as we do with all the divisive people?

I am also surprised that a regular poster in the SCNC forum called “trusted (cricket),” claims people are after Boh Herbert and there is no leadership in SCNC. Boh Herbert knows his mistakes and should be working to bringing unity in the right way. Boh Herbert must stop his Machiavelli performance and be a decent elder. SCNC brought us (SCNC) into this mess, why is Kometa so silent and allowing MoRISC to use the SCNC forum to spread their propaganda material?

Elvis Komenta
SCNC’s Elvis Komenta

If truly MoRISC is a Secretariat, why can’t they go and build their secretariat and forum and let SCNC be?  Where is Pa Nfor Ngalla the national Chairman of SCNC amidst this chaos? I have not heard a word about him.

Chairman Kometa, why are you allowing this drama and beggaring to take over SCNC?  Have you forgotten that you called me and promised me in a private conversation that SCNC was going to leave MoRISC after Hagerstown? If this MoRISC overtake of SCNC doesn’t stop, the ground for intrigues and manipulation will remain in the DC, Maryland axis of evil. So, Elvis Kometa, please tell the MoRISC people to start their own forum, run their business and stop being a parasite on SCNC.

Above all, we need to stop this political lynching of Tapang Ivo. He has done his best to bring unity while some where creating new groups. Tassang, Mark and Ivo will reconcile their differences and we will together with all the groups support the consortium, form an interim government and fight for independence with every option on the table.



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  1. Where is Chief Lawyer Dinka?
    I many years this struggle has been on and former Senior Advocate and ex President of the cameroon Bar Council had raised the present questions and endede up into a long time detention without trial and released when it was feared that he had to die. There is every proof that he KNOWS a lot and has a lot of documents concerning this case in the United Nations. There is every certainty that if he be contacted, the arguments will be surer and much strunger.
    Make haste and save lives.
    If every Southern Cameroonian is still having hope and trust in the struggle, all those struggling for leadership from the various factions must put the people as a whole at heart.
    Those on the ground now in Cameroon either in prson, on the run or in the ghost cities must excite the Power mongers to know that those lives are at stake in case of a failure. All good minds can only wish for the unity of all those factions in oder to fight the common enimy, La Republique. The present situation and the lives on the line of Death and long term jail terms are no0 jokes.Many have jumped into the wagon to claim leadership instaed of fighting for the course.

    The way forward is to get the help of one of the 15 member countries of rhe Security Council to the case for Southern Cameroons to the Council. The noise out there is good but ís not the end solution. Presently
    Sweden is the sitting President of the Security Council. Seize this opportunities and go foward. God bless my fatherland.

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