BREAKING NEWS: 43.7 Million FCFA Raised in Houston to Buy Arms For Southern Cameroons Liberation

In recent days since the sit-down strike by Lawyers and Teachers began, Anglophones across the globe have been taking to street protests against the brutality of the Biya's regime.
In recent days since the sit-down strike by Lawyers and Teachers began, Anglophones across the globe have been taking to street protests against the brutality of the Biya’s regime.

By Fred Ndango, November 30, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Houston, TX – Some Anglophone Cameroonians living in Houston, Texas, have resolved to spearhead the fight for the total freedom of the Southern Cameroons by pioneering fund raising they say will go towards the purchase of arms for the struggle against Francophones domination.

In a pioneer example they hope should spread to the rest of continental USA and Europe – wherever Anglophone Cameroonians are found, the group in Houston, united under the banner of the SCNC raised CFAF 43.7million in a meeting that lasted for about two hours, The Cameroon Journal gathered. The funds, they specified will go towards the purchase of rifles and micro machine guns for what they say should be the total liberation of the Southern Cameroons.

Held behind closed doors at the Radisson Hotel, Southwest Houston, Tuesday November 29, and attended by mainly business personnel, career professionals of Anglophone origin, and some US business tycoons, a source at the meeting told The Cameroon Journal that attendees were unanimous that the time is now – with the present momentum at home to take the fight for an independent Southern Cameroons to the end. Citing the brutality, arrests and torture of

Police torture and brutality unarmed university students in Buea last Monday.

unarmed lawyers and university students in the Southwest recently, participants at the meeting emphasized that only arms struggle will force authorities in French Cameroon to the negation table.

“International organisations understand only one language. Unless there is sacrifice, – blood on the streets like in Southern Sudan, our people can go to the UN 50 times and nothing will happen.” One of the speakers argued. Referring to the savagery and torture by security forces in Buea last Monday, another speaker noted “if this does not make you sick and motivated to bring out the money to support our people, you must be either too complacent or non-challan about the plight of our people.” Another speaker concluded, “He who fights and run away lives to fight another day.”

A committee of three was elected to liaise with leaders of the struggle and the SCNC at home to work out modalities for procuring and funneling money and ammunition home.

A protest rally to expose President Biya’s regime barbarism against Anglophone Cameroonians

was scheduled for Monday Dec.5 in Houston. All Southern Cameroonians in neighbouring Austin, San Antonio and Dallas are encouraged to attend to show solidarity to the struggle in Cameroon with placards. The protest will take place at Mickey Leland Federal building premises, down town Houston. Address is 1919 Smith St, Houston. The rally starts at 11AM.





  1. Well as for me I think violence should be the last tool after diplomacy had failed. We should all first note that the la repoblique had been using only our own people or let’s say our own Anglophone son’s and daughters to inflict suffering on us. See someone like atanga nji, so this is not a battle for guns and machete ok. We need first to get rid of those traitors among us and established a more trusted United movement that will represent both the north-west and the south West region and gives an equal opportunities for all southern cameroonians to participate and have a say in any post southern state of Cameroon. Secondly our opposition SDF had not been acting as predicted to the interest of our Anglophone values and I suggest we need some fresh blood or fresh energy to be injected into the party. All those were holding positions from 1990 to 2015 should resign and give chance to young intellectuals to take thier place.
    If you are a good leader then please live by action and not words. If you are a critics to the biya regime for holding on to power for 40 yrs then relinquish your own position as chairman, secretary general and other high position holdings in the opposition parties and I presume that will be a step in the right direction.

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