BREAKING NEWS: AFCON Scandal – Egypt, South Africa, Others Reject Buses Provided by Cameroon Gov’t

The buses rejected by the AFCON delegations, some have visible winscreen cracks
The buses rejected by the AFCON delegations, some have visible windscreen cracks

By Tapuka Gerald, November 17, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – The African Female Cup of Nations AFCON, is yet to officially start, but scandals are beginning to mark the unfolding of the event. Some of the participating teams arriving the country have out rightly rejected the transport buses made available to them by the Cameroon government.

Yesterday, Wednesday, November 16, when some of the teams jetted into Cameroon, buses reserved for them were still gracefully packed at the courtyard of the Yaoundé City Council Chambers – signs that something wasn’t right with them. When the teams landed at the


Yaoundé-Nsimalen International Airport, first South Africa, they were instead served with a VIP bus hired from the interurban transport company, Touristic. It was the same service for the Egyptian delegation that came in some minutes after the South Africans.

Equinoxe television reported that the official buses didn’t have to move – they were bellow standard. They were replaced by those from Touristic because the participating teams rejected them.

Egyptian Delegation embarking on the Touristic bus at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen Airport
Egyptian Delegation embarking on the Touristic bus at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen Airport

Since the buses were unveiled to the press earlier this week, they have received heavy criticisms as they failed to meet international standards. Most of them portray cosmetic

beauty from a distance. But with a closer look, some have visible cracked windscreens, and cabins that are carrying heavy makeups to shield their originally worn out status.

In an interview on Cameroon Tribune, last week, Pierre Noungui, Tournament Director could only confirm that they have acquired 76 new Sedan cars to transport officials. He said they are parked in a different location (multipurpose sports complex) from the 8 buses. He quipped that they have nothing to do with the buses parked at the Council premises.

The Cameroon government had on August 30, said it signed an agreement with the Portuguese company, Irmaos Mota Trans Africa for the provision of 150 VIP buses, 10 of which were to be dedicated to the AFCON. As usual, the government did not keep to its promise – they never paid for them.





  1. Cameroon Govement has collapse in all domains leaders tell lies to the people, unable to handle crises. i think we are tired of this whole thing. Can’t CAF do something about this? no sanction on this type disgressful attitude? i think they should just forget about AFCON 2019 they are deaming of hosting. there is still time for CAF to change it and give it to a small nation like MADAGASCAR OR CENTRALAFRICAN REPUPLIC

  2. there is no cameroon again, let the englishman have his peace. let us be shameless paul biya. if you are unable to manage your house, i doubt if you will manage a village talkless of a nation. witch man!!!

  3. According by me the problem lie on the general commander of our Nation Cameroon (President Paul Biya). He always have good ideas for our Nation, but the physical force to move down to the field and suppervise is a problem. His age does n’t tolerate him to still be in the field, the force is not more there. And he has faild to know that, not every body who say’s Lord-Lord, actually does Christ work. Same with some of his close colaborators. Some are digging his grave, because when he sent them to the field, they do n’t do the work as planned.He ‘ll not even go down to the field to go and check, even if he has the will to go to the field, the physical force is not there. The Presidential plane issue was called ABATROS, how are we going to call this one?.So according by me, our General commander should throw in his towel. God bless us and Cameroons.

  4. We are tired of this old men and women that are leading us in Cameroon. They are all shameless without any sense of human feeling. Why are they disgracing Cameroonian when they are feeding us with suffer already?what have we done to deserve this in god sake? Our holy books say we should pray for our leaders but, is this kind of leaders shall we pray for? Small countries have organised several times events without any scandal see what we can produce in a normal circumstance. This is just the beginning. Let us wait and see

  5. I think Anglophones in Cameroon should stand up as one and fight this
    Marginalization.It should not be a matter of Lawyers and teachers fighting but
    every Anglophone in this country.We don’t need traitors but freedom fighters.

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