BREAKING NEWS: All Francophones Practicing Law in Anglophone Jurisdictions to be redeployed to Civil Law Jurisdictions

commonlawBy Fred Ndango, Nov. 18, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Unverified but reliable sources have disclosed to the Cameroon Journal that in the coming weeks, President Biya will enact a decree redeploying all Francophone legal practitioners working in Anglophone jurisdictions to Civil Law jurisdictions where they have better competence to serve with the language advantage.

Same would be true for Common Law lawyers currently serving in Civil Law or Francophone jurisdictions in the country. They will be redeployed to serve in exclusively common law or Anglophone jurisdictions in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

The Cameroon Journal gathered that the decision to effect the changes was arrived at during a crisis meeting of top officials of the Ministry of Justice held Wednesday November 16 in Yaounde at the behest of President Biya. The Justice Ministry meeting held “pursuant to instructions from the President of the Republic who had previously same day, received a Canadian envoy at the Presidency,” our informant said. The President and the Canadian envoy, our source said discussed the issue of Common Law Lawyers grievances and strike action which is ongoing.

At the forum with the Canadian envoy, the President appeared to have been persuaded to agree that all Francophones practicing law in the Common Law jurisdictions be redeployed to Civil Law jurisdictions and all Anglophones in Civil Law Jurisdictions be redeployed to Common Law jurisdictions. We gathered that this will be done in the weeks ahead to mitigate the ongoing strike action of Common Law Lawyers. We will bring you updates as they come in.





  1. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cannot fool everybody all the time.That is merely throwing dust into people’s eyes. We Anglophone Cameroonians have already taken our stand following the SDF communiqué. Either Federation or Separation. Period.

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