BREAKING NEWS: Atanga Nji Hospitalized, PM Held Hostage, Student Gendarmes on the Way to Bamenda, Casualties Increase

Dead toll in Bamenda from today’s protest rising.

By Fred Ndango, Dec. 8, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – The riots in Bamenda have taken a different turn. Casualties counted so far indicate seven have been shot dead by state police and over eighteen others severely injured. Some of the corpses are reported to be at Alpha Royal clinic in Ntarinkon. Death toll is expected to rise as the day goes by.

The Cameroon Journal has also gathered that Special Duty Minister Paul Atanaga Nji was injured and is currently under medical treatment at Bamenda Regional Hospital after youths deflected a tear gas thrown at them to him.

Right now, there is tention around Ayaba Hotel. The action has shifted to the gov’t owned hotel. We gathered that PM Yang is being held hostage there along with hired marchers they

Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency Paul Atanga Nji
Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency Paul Atanga Nji

had brought in from Bafousam to conduct the Bamenda CPDM rally. Population has gathered round Ayaba Hotel threatening to set it on fire with the Prime Minister inside.

As we report, we are getting news that student Gendarmes from Camp Yaya in Yaounde are on the

way to Bamenda to confront the situation. In the meantime, the flag of the Southern Cameroons has been erected at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue and its still flying there now.

Stay tuned for details later in the day.



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