BREAKING NEWS: On Saturday, SDF Plans to Sack Hon. Wirba From The Party

Joseph Wirba
Opposition SDF MP and darling of the Southern Cameroons cause, Joseph Wirba

By Mua Patrick, January 26, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Membership of Hon. Joseph Wirba, Member of Parliament for Bui South (Jakiri) Constituency, as SDF militant, may be suspended on Saturday when members of the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the party meet in Bamenda, The Cameroon Journal has been told.

A top SDF official who hinted The Cameroon Journal on the development yesterday said the expulsion of Hon. Wirba using the party’s unpopular article 8.2 will be top on the agenda when the NEC converge on Bamenda.

Though Saturday’s emergency NEC meeting which holds at the Ntarikon residence of John Fru Ndi, the National Chairman, was convened by the newly-appointed Secretary General of the Party, Senator Jean Tsomelou, the stormy get-together will, however, be chaired by Fru Ndi himself.

Briefing The Cameroon Journal as to why Wirba may be expelled from the party, our source said the lawmaker from Bui has recently taken certain positions which are at variance with the stance of the SDF.

Citing Hon. Wirba’s outing at the National Assembly in which he spoke forcefully about the marginalisation of Anglophones in December 2016, the SDF source said the stance of the party has always been a two-state federation and not the restoration of the statehood of the former Southern Cameroons as Hon. Wirba has been advocating.

Describing Wirba’s recent campaigns as “anti-party activities,” the SDF source said, the party is left with no option than to slam Wirba with suspension from party activities. It should be said that Article 8.2 of the SDF constitution expels ‘wayward’ militants from the party.  The Cameroon Journal gathered that efforts by SDF authorities to bring Hon. Wirba to order since he began championing calls for the independence of Southern Cameroons, have been futile.

We learnt that since the Jakiri MP took to the rostrum at the National Assembly and delivered his emotional address, he suddenly developed a ‘big head’.  He is alleged not to be taking calls from SDF top brass including the party’s chairman, Fru Ndi.

In the meantime, news of the imminent expulsion of Hon. Wirba who has grown so popular emanating from his Yaounde speech, seems to be already creating cracks within the party.

Another SDF MP who spoke to The Cameroon Journal yesterday on the basis of anonymity said it will be “over their dead bodies’’ for Hon. Wirba to be expelled from the party. He added that it will be a political blunder for the party chairman to endorse such a decision given the current situation in the country.

Hon. Wirba, it should be recalled, came to the spotlight when on December 2, 2016, he took the National Assembly ‘hostage,’ forcing the House to listen to him deliver a speech that indicted Government’s marginalisation of the Southern Cameroons.

He is also now famous for a quote he borrowed from former US President, Thomas Jefferson, that day which states; “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”





  1. Fru Ndi should just shut up . He had his opportunity and he blew it up. His time has passed. With or without him southern cameroon will soon stand firmly on its feet. He is a coward.

  2. If the SDF takes such a decision it will be a major deviation from the party’s slogan, POWER TO THE PEOPLE. That power is now with the people worries even those who claimed they wanted to give power to the people. Now the people have chosen who their learders are, what they want and how they want it.

    One thing is clear, both the CPDM and the SDF are out of face with the aspirations of this generation of Cameroonians. While Southern Cameroonians need a new party to fight for their rights within a United Cameroon the nation as a hold needs new ideas to move to the future. The CPDM can not play this role because as most parties that fought for the so called DECOLONIZATION or parties that are remnants of such parties they are too OLD SHOOL.

    Watch most talk shows on TV where there is a conversation on the government you will find CPDM representatives speak like they never went to school. They never think. The issue is not about that we expect them not to state the party’s (CPDM) position but rather that we expect them to present it like it was discussed. It is embarrasing to fine people with PhDs talk like children (Papa talk say ……..). Because of their mode of conversation the other members of the forum always come across like they are opossing the president (in person) whereas they are are against the position of the party. They are always wanting.

  3. All we need is the opportunity to take control of what is crucial for our kids, crucial for is . We want to be able to tale care of our roads schools universities police force and roads. We can only do this thru a federation that works w

  4. Wirba stood up and address the assembly without fear so if SDF do that rubbish then we will kill the party and encourage Wirba to host one, beware SDF!!!!!!

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