Breaking News: The Worst Has Happened in Bamenda – Police Shot to Kill, Many Arrested And Taken to Unknown Destinations

Bamenda University student shot and killed during the protest today.

You are warned, some very graphic images in this story.

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji, Dec. 8, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – At least two were shot dead in Bamenda including a University of Bamenda student whose names we received as Akum Julius.  Many others left with injuries and hospitalized after state security forces went reckless on the masses, opening fire on them as they staged an anti-CPDM protest Thursday, December 8.

There are reports that more than two have died from their injuries already, but The Cameroon Journal cannot confirm the reports yet. However, we have it on good sources that those carried to hospitals were in critical conditions.

The security forces had stormed the Bamenda Commercial Avenue, Hospital Roundabout and other strategic areas in the city to stop gathering youths from protesting a planned CPDM rally. The Bamenda CPDM rally was scheduled to take place at the Commercial Avenue to be

chaired by Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse angry youths who had already mounted

Bamenda UBa student shot and killed by police today.

barricades on major streets with the main goal of stopping circulation and aborting the planned CPDM meeting.

Motor Bike riders got themselves armed with newly acquired catapults, stones, sticks and machetes to stop the meeting.

A military van was vandalized, while a service car was simply shattered at T-Junction early Thursday.

As time for the rally approached, the skirmish intensified. Another contingent of security

forces was brought in to quell the tension and a military helicopter could be seen hovering over the town.

Soldiers wearing masks were perceived around up station brutalizing some youths in a military truck, they were eventually seen being taken to an unknown destination.

Another victim of police shotings today in Bamenda

Live bullets were shot at the youths killing at least two on the spot.

PM and Convoy Blocked at AYABA Hotel

Meantime, Prime Minister Yang Philemon and his entourage were blocked at AYABA hotel following the rampage action. The PM who came to Bamenda to supposedly pass a message of peace, similar to the one he delivered to the people of Buea last Tuesday, was blocked alongside Jean Kuete, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM party.

 CPDM Meeting May Not hold

The CPDM meeting meant to cajole teachers to go back to classrooms suffered a blow and may be rescheduled. Youths in Bamenda who today seized a CPDM fabric from an elderly man and burned to ashes are totally opposed to the holding of this meeting. They argue that the CPDM has brought nothing but failure to the country. The angry youths say the fact that several CPDM bigwigs have failed to recognize the existence of Anglophone problems, they will also fail to recognize their existence especially in Bamenda.

Eye for an Eye?

The rejection of the CPDM in Bamenda comes barely three days after some youths in Buea, South West region blocked members of Parliament of the Social Democratic Front Party from taking part in a march to denounce police brutality on Lawyers, Teachers and University of Buea students. The thugs believed to have been hired by CPDM bigwigs to stop John Fru Ndi and his followers held placards chanting that Buea is a peaceful town and that SDF should carry their strike back to Bamenda and it seems they got it.

All these images are from the shootings in Bamenda Thursday Dec. 8.





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