BREAKING NEWS: Turmoil in Ndop Again, Three Killed, Fon on The Run, Palace Set on Fire

Fon John S. Njoya
Fon John S. Njoya of Bamunka, he’s said to have been whisked away for his own safety by the police.

By Hans Ngala, Friday, February 10, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Ndop – Tempers once again flared in Ndop today, Friday morning February 10, leading to the death of at least three people according to a source in the plain fields town. Talking to the Cameroon Journal, our source hinted that the new skirmish escalated when the population staged a march to the Fon of Bamunka, Fon Njoya, to inquire from him if it is true that he took bribe from the government to cajole or coerce his subjects to send their children back to school.

The Fon is alleged to have told the people off and coupled with the fact that they had learned that
“the Fon made a statement that Bamunka people are stubborn and that the police should go ahead and teach them a

lesson…” the people couldn’t swallow his arrogance. They were yet to come to terms with the brutal murder of one of their own yesterday when they learned of their Fon’s pronouncements which angered them even the more.

Our informant added that the confrontation with the Fon went out of hand with irate mob setting the Bamunka Palace ablaze. The said Palace is located just across from Ndop Police Station where most of those that were brutalized and arrested yesterday are still

detained. When the Palace was set ablaze, the ever trigger-happy police then opened fire on the population in an effort to quell the tensions and it led to the death of three more civilians who are yet to be identified.

Ndop has been a hot spot within the last few days and it remains to be seen what happens to Fon Njoya and those detained. The Fon at press time was said to be taking refuge with the police as the dust was yet to settle. Most residents went indoors after this latest killing in the small town.

At the time of this report, The Cameroon Journal gathered that the Ndop police has gotten reinforcement from the BIR and are now breaking into people’s homes and whisking them off. Our informant wasn’t certain if those whose homes were being broken into were targeted or if it is a random kind of arrest. It is also uncertain where those arrested are being taken to.

The whereabouts of the Fon is not clear, though it is clear that he was whisked away with the help of the police. We will stay on the story and bring further developments.




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