BREAKING: Six Things to do if Cameroon Shuts Down Internet During Strike

Lawyers during  their first strike action in Bamenda
Lawyers during their first strike action in Bamenda last week.

By Fred Ndango, Nov. 20, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – The Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma recently held a meeting with the big four internet/phone service providers in Cameroon and asked that they shutdown internet in the Southern Cameroons beginning Monday because of the Lawyers and Teachers strike.fundlawyers

However, leaders of the struggle have come out with these tit-bits on how to sustain communication in the case where the internet is actually shutdown in Cameroon.

Before/if the Cameroon Gov’t shuts down Internet in Southern Cameroons, do the following to keep communication:

1 – Exchange your telephone numbers to as many people as possible at home and abroad.

2 – Buy and store some airtime and data.

3 – Make phone calls if there is no internet. (Without the internet, remember that your phones can still work.

4 – Take and store pictures of police/Gendarmerie presence or brutality and violence. Upload the pictures on social media once Internet is re-established.

5 – Call all Lawyers and Teachers who seek justice for Anglophones to be sure they are all fine by noon (if you know any of them and have their numbers).

6 – Take note of all traitors (Send information about them to The Cameroon Journal, using the email

Freedom is near, we have had enough and do not fear arrest, detention or death.




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