CBC Issues Statement on On-Going Strike, Urges Impostors, Opportunists to Steer Clear


Leaders of the CBC after a meeting at the Baptist Center Hall.The Executive President and Prof.Tih are in the middle flanked by other leaders.

By Ngala Hans, Dec. 22, 2016
Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – The highest decision-making body of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, has released a statement re-acting to the on-going strike by Common Law Lawyers and teachers of Anglophone extraction in Cameroon.

The statement dated December 9 but which The Cameroon Journal could only lay hold of today, reads in part “Mindful of the preamble of the constitution of the republic of Cameroon which reiterates the resolve of all Cameroonians to harness our natural resources in order to ensure the wellbeing of every citizen without discrimination, by raising living standards, proclaim our right to development as well as
the determinations to devote all our efforts to that end…

Conscious of the Mission of the Cameroon Baptist Convention to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel holistically…convinced of the core values of the Cameroon Baptist Convention which include but are not limited to love, unity, peace , reconciliation and team work…

Aware of the on-going strike by Common Law Lawyers and Teachers Trade Unions and its ramifications… taking cognizance of the issues raised by Common Law Advocates and Teachers’ Trade Unions…Taking cognizance of the efforts made by government to engage in meaningful dialogue with the striking Common Law Advocates and Teachers and

committed to fostering love, peace, unity, reconciliation and development in our beloved country;

The General Council, governing body of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, meeting at the Conference Hall of the Baptist Center, Nkwen Bamenda on Friday December 9,2016 states as follows;
1-Condemns the destruction of human life and all forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of human beings.
2-Condemns the destruction of property 3-Calls on all impostors and opportunists to steer clear of the
present crisis, which some of them want to use for their personal ends.
4-Prays the striking teachers, common law advocates and the government to give peace a chance by exercising restraint, humility, good faith and objectivity in the present crisis.
5-Further prays the parties in the present crisis pursue the ongoing dialogue urgently, meaningfully and faithfully.
6-Urges the said parties to make all efforts to restore and keep the peace Cameroonians cherish and to promote peace, love and unity among Cameroonians.
7-Undertake to pray without ceasing for the dialogue to be fruitful and for the matter to be laid to rest for God to be glorified.
8-Further undertakes as a church to promote peace, unity, reconciliation and love among all Cameroonians as we are all people of one family, namely God’s family ( Mathew 5:9)”

It is signed by  Rev. Ncham Godwill, Executive President of the CBC and Yosimbom Mkong John, CBC Chairman.




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