Centralized Leadership For Anglophone Struggle Formed – Vows Federation or Return to 1961 Status

President Paul Biya’s regime has refused to convene meaningful dialogue that seeks genuine solutions to the marginalization of Anglophone Cameroonians.

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji, Dec. 8, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Members of a newly created group called the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, have stated that the best option to solve the Anglophone problem in Cameroon is a return to the federal system of government.

At a recent meeting in Bamenda, Tuesday December 6, the over 15 representatives of Teachers Trade Unions, Common Law lawyers, Civil Society organizations, said in a final communiqué that “a return to a two state Federation as was envisaged in 1961 pursuant to resolution 1608 of the United Nations General Assembly is the best guarantee of the protection, promotion and preservation of Anglophones rights, identity and existence in a bi-cultural, bi-jural and bilingual Cameroon.”

The Consortium endorsed current strike action called by Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone Educationists, Economic operators, Transporters/drivers, Commercial bike riders and the

entire Anglophone civil society. They described it as “Legitimate and meant to redress deep seated problems that have plagued Anglophones as a people.”

According to the body which is expected to coordinate subsequent actions of the trade unions, Anglophone problems have persisted because the government has opted to disregard the peculiarity of Anglophones as a cultural group in the Republic of Cameroon.

According to the terms binding the functionality of the Consortium, it shall constitute a platform for dialogue; advocacy and reflection among Anglophones in the territory formerly referred to as West Cameroon and in negotiations with any third party. They shall also educate, advice and speak for and on behalf of ALL Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society groups existing or to be created thereafter in all matters relating to marginalization,discrimination,assimilation,exclusion,mistreatment and deprivation in the territory formerly referred to as West Cameroon, and in all negotiations resulting thereof .

Prominent amongst the signatories are Wilfred Tassang of Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, Barrister Bogba Harmony of North West Lawyers Association, Barrister Agbor Balla of Fako Lawyers Association, Professor Abangma of SYNES University of Buea, Tatah Donald of SYNATUCAM, among others.




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