EDITORIAL: Musonge And His Basket of Wasteful Senior Citizens

Peter Musonge Mafany
Peter Musonge Mafany

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington DC – On Thursday, February 2nd, former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Musonge summoned a one of a kind conference in Buea that brought together, die heart devotees of the Biya’s regime in the region. For all intents and purposes, it was a gathering of the who-is-who within SW CPDM ranks. Though the theme of the conference wasn’t communicated prior to the face saving event, it appeared, however, that it was well coordinated and collaborated speaker after speaker.

That theme, however, had no antidote or remedies to the marginalization that Southwesterners like their brothers in the Northwest, have lived through for the 55 years that the regime they came to adore has been in charge. Upon all the speakers gathered there, non-dared to address the impassible state of roads that exist in many parts of the region despite the fact that the region a lone is home to almost 50% of the nation’s natural resources.

Musonge’s conference offered nothing towards restoring Internet service back in the Southwest. They would not address or offer any solution to the judiciary stalemate that has since seen the courts in the Southwest all shut down. They didn’t care to proffer genuine solutions that would have seen students and teachers in the Southwest joyously return to the classroom.

These are the reasons why at The Cameroon Journal, we have chosen to describe all of them as a basket of wasteful senior citizens.  They made no mention of the fate of raped, tortured and incarcerated students of the University of Buea by security agents from La Republique du Cameroon. They said nothing about the unlawful arrest of Southwesterners now languishing in Kondengui prison. Rather the theme of the conference had everything to do with the long necks, conscienceless parasites, seizing on the national crisis to seek to protect and position themselves for Biya’s next potfoloiless appointment.

Consider this, SONARA, Cameroon’s national oil refinery is located in Limbe, in the Southwest region. It is from here that oil that drives the Cameroon economy is extracted. By virtue of its location, SONARA should naturally be paying taxes to the Limbe City Council, but since inception, it does not. SONARA pays taxes to Douala city Council in the Littoral region instead of Limbe in the Southwest region. One would but rightly suppose that at a time like this,  that such a gathering of the Region’s who-is-who took place, if they truly cared for Southwesteners, they would have seized upon this golden opportunity to once and for all not only condemn, but demand for reparations to Limbe City Council from La Republique du Cameroon, equivalent to the amount of oil that they have siphoned without paying taxes to Limbe. They should have brought this to the discussion table, but as cowardly and self-centered as they are, they didn’t.

And what about Timber exploitation in the Southwest? It is another sector in the region where the Biya’s regime rips billions on a yearly basis, and instead of the timber companies paying taxes in the Southwest, they pay in Douala. Meme and Indian divisions from where a bulk of the timber is extracted can barely boost of 300 kilometres of tarred roads combined. One would think that Musonge and his gang would pick this up and address it – they did not.

Former PM, Chief Ephraim Inoni, one of their own,   languishes in Kondengui and you did think their come together afforded them such an opportunity to petition the regime for his immediate release – no they did not.

Musonge and team ignored such demanding needs of Southwesterners and chose rather to discuss genocidal ideas as they tried pitting Southwesterners against Northwesterners.

 Like Milles Collines, the reporter believed to have provoked the Rwandan genocide after he called on Hutus to annihilate Tutsis, Musonge and his team used similar language aimed at inciting Anglophones against each other.

Speaker after speaker, from Musonge himself to Buea Mayor Patrick Ekema, Nalova Lyonga, Atem Ebako, Nnoko Mbele and many others, the message was; ‘attack North Westerners in every part of the South West, their properties and businesses. Musonge and team, instead of pointing fingers at the real enemy that is La Republique du Cameroon, chose instead to attack Anglophones in the North West, shamelessly referring to them as the enemies in the house just like Milles Collines described minority Tutsis as cockroaches that needed to be annihilated.

To all the speakers at Musonge’s conference, “Bamenda people are the root cause of all the hardship people are suffering in the South West,” and sending “Bamenda people away,” they said, “will clear the way for South Westerners to take care of their own destiny.”

Musonge himself was clear and categorical; “It is time for the South West to take its destiny back after being hijacked by violent Bamenda people.”

Nnoko Mbelle Celvin, former Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council went as far as inviting all South West elites to create vigilante groups in their communities aimed at flushing out North Westerners. It isn’t Bamenda people nor Southwest people who are the problem in the house. It is shameless Musonge and his bunch of wasteful élite who are actually the problem.

At the Cameroon Journal, we ask, does Musonge really think his coalition of barefaced, hungry and avaricious elite have any smidgeon of control over a single Southwesterner? Musonge should be living under an illusion if he thinks that anyone believes he represents their interests. If Musonge really cares for the Southwest as he wants all to believe, he should rather be petitioning the regime to grant Southwesterners what they have been clamoring for in the last three months. He ought to be asking questions as to why Southwesterners have been deprived of internet for weeks, he should be questioning why Southwesterners are arrested in the region and taken to Yaoundé for trial under French law. He should be questioning why SONARA, CDC and the timber industry are paying taxes to La Republique du Cameroon instead of the Southwest region.

Every Southwesterner should be told this – that Musonge was the brain behind the imprisonment of Chief Inoni Ephraim. The Cameroon Journal gathered that Musonge was never happy that PM Inoni succeeded him. He wanted his successor to come from the Northwest so that he could remain the sole king making and the only “former Prime Minister,” in the Southwest. His dreams didn’t come to pass so that when the investigation leading up to the arrest and imprisonment of Inoni emerged, he was one of the Gov’t witnesses who testified against Inoni. This is the kind of person that Musonge is – even in his old age.

If Musonge doesn’t like Nothwesterners, maybe he ought to go live in La Republique du Cameroon. The history between the Nothwest and Southwest people is such that can never be put asunder. Gone are the days that they used NW/SW divide ploys to keep the yoke of slavery on the necks of Anglophones. More than ever before, we at The Cameroon Journal call for greater unity between the brothers in the Northwest and Southwest. After all, this was hitherto a single territory by the bones of  Anglo-saxonism.

The language that Musonge and Co. used in Buea tantamount to a provocation of insurrection, terrorism and national unrest. If Cameroon was a society where the laws are applied to both the weak and the powerful in the equilibrium, Musonge would have been indicted and arrested.







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