EDITORIAL: What a Heartless, Shameless President Cameroon Has?

Cameroon President Paul Biya
Cameroon President Paul Biya

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – President Biya after hearing of the national disaster that visited the nation in the Eseka train accident, declared a day of national mourning for Monday October 24. Then, he hastily flew back into the country – and you did think he was coming to personally participate in the mourning. That wasn’t the case.

The President was absent from events marking the national day of mourning.  Events which took place in various corners of the nation especially the nation’s capital, Yaoundé, Douala and Eseka where the accident actually took place did not see the participation of President Biya.

At Our Lady of Victory Cathedral in the epicenter of Yaoundé, where Biya, from time-to-time is known to worship, especially on special occasions, he was only represented; even when he was right there in Yaounde. In his characteristic cavalier attitude, he chose to have Martin Belinga Eboutou, Director of cabinet to represent him. Belinga did not disclose the whereabouts of the President who had jetted into the country a day after spending 37 days out of the country. At Eseka where there was a similar ceremony, no member of government bothered to show up. The highest authority there was the SDO for the Nyong et Kéllé division, Aboubakar Iyawa.

This snobbish and shameful attitude of Biya is not new to Cameroonians who have learned to live without their President. Since Biya himself declared war on Boko Haram in May 2014, he has never visited soldiers at the war front, nor the affected population. Moreover, he has never been present at the military headquarters when military honours were given to fallen soldiers in spite of the fact that he is their Commander-in-Chief.

In responsible governance like what obtains in countries like the United States, France, Great Britain, among others, the President personally would visit soldiers at war front to shake hands, encourage and sometimes like in the case of George W. Bush during the Iraq war, even share meals with the soldiers.

But in Cameroon, Biya has always remained indifferent when it concerns incidents of national disaster. Consider Lake Nyos in 1986, the Kenya Airways plane crash near Douala in 2007. When news of the visit of Fru Ndi to victims of the Buea mountain eruption in 2000 was leaked out, it was only then that President Biya hurriedly made an impromptu visit to the South West to save his name. In the days of the Bakassi conflict, Biya never for once saw the need of meeting with victims. He has reign for almost 35 years. Did he say he’s the one to take Cameroon to emergence? At the Cameroon Journal, we suggest that the President emerge himself before trying same for a whole nation.




    • Cameroun is a criminal french speaking african tribal primitive. backward cabal in central Africa. very lawless and satanic. excluding on the west African coast the occupied state of west Cameroon. Theb big question begging the world forever is
      how soon would west cameroon achieved its independence from camerouns illegal occupation. i think a west cameroons own Army should be the answer. talk talk havent yeild anything in 50 yrs. yet Paul.mbiya is getting bolder with more french assimilation laws in west cameroon including banning our common law

  1. Thank you for such a grateful updates. You have named just a few things that are evilly done by this man called Biya Paul. Everything is just so devilish with him. That is, ranging from corruption to darkness act is what defines you. I called him man cus he doesn’t deserve to be call a president to me. I think we need to trace his ascendance to know where he came from. Am sure his background must have some connection with the Antichrist. Because I can not imagine that millions of peoples voices have been crying and crying to the last dropped of their tears for years upon years (35 years) and this man you called him president doesn’t do anything to see into peoples problems. What you don’t know is that, this man doesn’t have any little bit of remorse in his actions or when voices of distress is sounded by his people. What a shameless and deplorable heart this man has.
    -First, are you even suppose to be in power for 35 years?
    – Why is democracy not in your country?
    Anyone musician or a common citizen who speaks about the evil things you do, you sent your illiterate uniform men to eliminate the person. People shouldn’t open their mouth at all because of you. Really? He thinks he will live forever? In fact, him and his regime, (members of his secrete court) must be perish to give way for peaceful and kind heart Cameroonians to live.
    It looks like Cameroonians do not know about this blog, try and let them know. Thank you!

  2. We pray for a peaceful transition but the Yaounde people should know one thing that is when hell gets loose, Rwanda will look like a joke for what they have done and continue to do to other Cameroonians especially the Anglophones and Northerners. We will wake them up from sleep from Yaoundé to Paris.

  3. The international communities is failing the people of Cameroon. 34 years in power, the economy, social development at its worse , killings, false imprisonment, torture, intimidation is just a few of a book of ills…

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