EDITORIAL: Why Teachers And Lawyers Should End All Dialogue Now

The gov’t can’t be pressuring teachers and students to get back to the classroom while some other students remained in unlawful detentions.

December 29, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – Despite the flopped meeting in Bamenda stemming from a walkout by Teachers’ Union Leaders from the adhoc committee forum held Tuesday December 27, to proffer solutions to the ongoing teachers strike, Paul Ghoghomo, chair of the committee, still went ahead to fabricate a draft resolution purportedly from his findings with parents, teachers and students in the Northwest Region. If anything, Ghoghomo’s draft is a direct insult to the very parents, teachers and students who desperately want their children back to school but which gov’t’s intransigence to resolving the quagmire stands as their Goliath.

Ghoghomo and the disemboweling regime that sent him to Bamenda have deliberately refused to see another urgency in this crisis, – more urgent than the current efforts at dialogue, is the need to have innocent students who equally are eager to return to the classroom released from unjustified detentions. Rather, his draft is full of invectives, and with the characteristic arrogance that is associated with regime’s lackeys. Consider that Ghoghomo goes to Bamenda in the background of Anglophone marginalization and have the guts to further insult Anglophones by reading the so-called resolutions in French right in the face of an English audience.

We at The Cameroon Journal suggest to the teachers and of course the Lawyers to, beginning 2017, ignore any dialogue ‘shows’ summoned by the gov’t. The Biya’s junta has demonstrated again and again that they have no honour left in them, that they cannot be trusted and that they have no good fate in the meetings they have so far summoned. And by the way, does the gov’t really need a meeting to grant the wishes of the teachers and Lawyers which have been tabled before it time and time again? Do they really need some dialogue to have innocent citizens who have committed no crime released from detentions?

For years, the Biya’s regime has been known to operate like a military dictatorship – All important reforms or changes come without consultations and always by way of this or that Presidential decree. Doesn’t all it takes for immediate resolve of the current imbroglio just a stroke of the president’s pen? If the regime wants Anglophones to put value to their so-called good will as they want Cameroonians to believe, why can’t the President in his characteristic style just enact another presidential decree that grants all the wishes of the teachers and lawyers and gets the nation to rest? Until then, we strongly advice the consortium of teachers and lawyers to waste no time and resources showing up for any dialogue gatherings which are mere shows meant for international PR purposes.

Schools must remain shut down. Teachers and administrators who defy the status and try to force schools to reopen should be allocated for the guillotine.




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