EXCLUSIVE: Biya Just Started Bribing Chiefs to Remain Silent Over Crisis in Southern Cameroons

President Paul Biya of Cameroon

By Ndi Nelson, Dec. 15, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – A reliable source has hinted The Cameroon Journal that traditional rulers in the two English speaking regions of the North West and South West are now being paid cash incentives with instructions to remain quiet over escalating tensions in the two regions.

One of the traditional rulers – a second class chief, who would not want to be named who recived his own share of the bribe money, confided in The Cameroon Journal that he received

175,000 FRS from the government as second class chief. First class chiefs he said, are receiving 250,000 FRS and Third class chiefs are paid 100,000 FRS.

Sources say that the government is trying to preempt sentiments from chiefs who have grass root support from ongoing strike by lawyers and teachers.

SDOs in the respective divisions are said to be in charge of distributing the cash.



NDI Nelson




  1. The end of Paul Biya has come, no turning back. I put this to any one who is with Biya, that Anglophone protest is fruitful and the probability of winning is 1. No more bribing not this time.

  2. I am deeply in support of the fight that is taking place, but this fight should be about a change in the current system that has crippled and destroyed most Cameroonians. If this fight is about a change in the current system, there is enormous hope that we as a people will win. If this fight remains as a NW/SW fight, we might just be turning around and destroying the few structures that we have and losing our brothers and sisters who are willing to put everything into this fight.
    What am trying to put out here is that, if this fight is about change, most of our francophone brothers and sisters will be involved in the fight and this will go somewhere. As Long as this fight is localized in two provinces and is not advancing to the other provinces and pulling more people to join in the fight we will not be going any where with this struggle. If you remember the Spring uprising, it was not localized. It was a cry of the people for change. Change that was long over due. Our fight here should incorporate all those components. this will enable our fight to gradually move and spreading to other provinces. If the fight is just localized and not spreading to the capital nothing is actually going to be achieved. My Point is let us try to spread this fight and not just leave it in B`da and Buea or Kumba. It has to spread to the Francophone provinces and this fight has to be about change and not about carving out two provinces for independence. Let us get the change first and every other thing will fall in place.

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