EXCLUSIVE: Bomb Threats in UB, GBHS Molyko, Catholic University Buea, GTTTC Kumba

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By Fred Ndango, Nov. 28,2016

Cameroon Journal, Buea – Anybody walking into the campuses of the University of Buea, Catholic University of Buea, GTTTC Kumba and Bilingual High School Buea this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday may risk walking into death traps. A group calling itself Defenders of Ambazonia, DA, we gathered has threatened to embed timed explosives within the campuses to counter measures by the institutions’ leadership to intimidate students to return to classrooms.

A source in Mutengenie with insight knowledge to the group and its plans told the Cameroon Journal by phone late Sunday that Defenders of Ambazonia is an armed group with a scorch earth vision aimed at annihilating any person or groups that sort to stand on the way of the current Anglophone call for independence. Our source said the group’s target of the listed

institutions follows persistent attempts by UB Vice Chancellor, Nalova Lyonga and Father Nke of the Catholic University of Buea to intimidate students to return to classes – a tactic DA claims is aimed at destabilizing the ongoing strike action of Teachers and Lawyers.

The group, the Cameroon Journal gathered also has as target, uniformed police, gendarmes and army mobilized from Yaounde to the Southwest and Northwest Regions.

Our informant noted that the group has no affiliation with the teachers and lawyers associations and the ongoing strike. “They are operating on their own, but they are well organized.”

Our source who will not reveal how the group came into being, disclosed that “they are very upset with video clips of innocent Anglophones on social media being battered on the streets” by the police and gendarmes.

“You beat a lawyer and you confiscate the Wigs and gowns of a lawyer? Where has that ever happened – that a police beats a lawyer?” Our source questioned, explaining that this is one of the motivation behind the current initiative of the armed group.

Nalova Lyonga, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea and Rev. Father Nke, President of the Catholic University in Buea, the group claim, have continued to intimidate students to show up for classes for the case of UB, Catholic University in Buea has continued to hold classes despite embargos by the striking teachers for the colleges to be shut down till their grievances are heard.

GTTTC Kumba too and Gov’t Bilingual High School Buea with others in Limbe have continued to hold classes despite same embargos from teachers for students to stay home.

It should be recalled that in May last year, homemade bombs explosions went off in hostels of some students in the University of Buea, targeting particularly Francophone students. The

attackers left a note behind that read: “We have decided to fight back; we will not stop until we get rid of your filthy presence and corrupt influence. Southern Cameroons is NOT La Republique du Cameroun, Annexationists LEAVE our territory.”





  1. Please with all the talking on this issue, have we taken a moment to consider the possibility that this group could be a La Republique’s murder squad deployed to cause havoc and blame it on Anglophones?

  2. Let’s investigate into the group DA very well if they are English speaking or Ambazonians . If they are genuine am ready to join

  3. Just another way for Biya to have a reason for sending out police and military guys to continue torturing Anglophones . Fake news.

  4. Anything can come from mutengene. I think the mutengene people should be careful and tell their children to stay at home. Everyone should stay put. Let the authorities take what happened yesterday as an eye opener to stop sending students to school. UIDB should take note that this is a political fight. What will happen to them when the struggle finally comes to an end? The Bishop of Buea should issue official statement to put a pause to these classes. There is tension in the air and the lives if these children matter most. Education can come next to life, not before life.

  5. what so ever they call themselves, defenders of the ambazonians, I know they will never do that on their land. No body should believe such a story, they can’t bomb the very own people they seek to defend. Am suspecting the government.

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