EXCLUSIVE: Rural Communities in the South West Beginning to Put Gov’t Administrators on the Run

Eyumojock Council Premises
Eyumojock Council Premises

By Pang Joseph, March 10, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea –  Despite Cameroon’s Government communication blockade of the Northwest and Southwest Regions to preempt the flow of information propagating the Anglophone crisis, the people’s upsurge of resistance against government authorities especially in the rural areas of the two regions is gaining momentum.

In Eyumojock Subdivision in Manyu, for example, irate youths have seized the Council building and declared themselves in charge of affairs in the municipality. The situation escalated after the youths used the opportunity of the ongoing Anglophone uprising to ask their Mayor, Nkom Julius, for their own share of timber royalties. The Mayor promised to address the situation. But later, when the youths showed up at the Council Chambers on Thursday, March 9, hoping to get their share of the money, the Mayor was nowhere to be found and he wasn’t answering his calls either.

After waiting to no avail, the youths, under the banner of Ejagham Njemaya Youth Movement for Positive Change took the Council premises hostage, sent all its workers parking and instructed them never to return until the matter is fully addressed. At press time, the whereabouts of the Mayor were still unknown. Asked about the reaction of the DO and security officers, an informant on the spot told The Cameroon Journal that the administrative authorities in the area have themselves lost control over the community. He said, security officers came to the scene of the event but were asked to stay clear, and they respected.

CAFECO, the company exploiting Timber in the community is also coming under fire as youths are accusing it as being at the center of the exploitation of their natural wealth.  

Over in Tombel, Kupe Muanenguba division, villagers also matched to the DO’s office to confront him after learning that he paid women to match on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8. The irritated villagers  had first set ablaze the ceremonial ground that hosted the event before moving to the DO’s office where they met an empty seat. As we report the whereabouts of the DO is not known.

In Dikome Balue, a subdivision of Ndian, villagers staged a protest last Friday blocking the Member of Parliament MP, for the area from entering the village to install some CPDM Officials. The infuriated villagers demanded to know the whereabouts of their sons who have since been arrested and taken to unknown detention centers around the country. “We cannot be talking of CPDM now when our children can’t go to school and our sons are being arrested to unknown destinations.” One of the villagers stated. We continue to monitor other uprisings against administrators in the regions and will be bringing you more reports.



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  1. Ha ha, why can’t the so-called SW elites go to these places and speak. PLEASE, send this news around. When it shall be rainy season when the roads to these rural areas become impassible, WE shall kidnap the DOS and take them to unknowns destinations too. This is very important. You fight fire with fire.

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