Francophone Teachers Embark on Strike Action Next Week, Accusing PM Yang of Double Standards

PM Yang
PM Yang

By Tapuka Gerald, December 1, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – According to information reaching our newsroom, teachers of francophone schools in Cameroon will embark on a nationwide strike action begining Monday, December 5. The information is contained in a document signed by the leaders of the various teachers’ trade unions of the francophone subsystem of education.

The teachers are accusing the Prime Minister for not implementing resolutions taken in 2012 which upgraded the conditions of Cameroonian teachers. They said, the PM in 2012 created a commission including 7 members of government and leaders of teachers’ syndicates. And in 2016, the PM is creating a similar commission, to dwell on the problems of the teachers beginning with those of Anglophone extraction even though the resolutions of the 2012

commission have not been implemented. If the PM was of good faith, the document published and sent to him by the 2012 Commission would not have been dead by now. Some of the points included the integration of all contract teachers into the public service, the revalorization of the research allowance of teachers and the signing of a collective convention for teachers of private schools.

This latest ultimatum signed on November 17 by Ateba Jean Pierre of SNUIPEN, Mbassi Emmanuel of FECASE, Fokou Kaffo Roger of SNAES and Phouet Foe Maurice Angel of SNAEF invokes the personality of the Minister of Higher Education.

Jacques Fame Ndongo is being accused by the teachers of trying to manipulate and put the various teachers’ trade unions of the two linguistic divide against each other. This would lead to pro-Anglophone teachers’ syndicates standing against pro-francophone teachers’ syndicates whereas problems inherent to each grouping concerns both. The ultimatum gave the PM up till November 25 to implement the resolutions of the 2012 commission, failure to do so will lead to an industrial strike action.

If this strike action comes to pass as from Monday, December 5, it would bring the country to its kneels as the education sector is the largest in any country including Cameroon. While

teachers of the francophone subsystem of education will be embarking on the strike action, their Anglophone counterparts will be in the third week of school blackouts.




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