FROM THE PUBLISHER: Changes Coming to The Cameroon Journal

Chris A. Fobeneh, Publisher of The Cameroon Journal.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – Beginning April 1st. 2017, access to Breaking News category in The Cameroon Journal will be by subscription only. It is a painful choice we are making, but that which must be made if we must continue to render the service we do.

The Cameroon Journal is possibly the only Cameroon news publication online that actually owns and pays reporters on the ground to cover news. However, since the shutdown of Internet service in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, our reporters have had to resort to commuting to the West and Littoral Regions to file in reports.

This has not only constituted additional financial burden to them, it is hampering the consistent flow of reports as used to be when Internet was readily within their reach. Be reminded that The Cameroon Journal is based in the USA and we rely solely on the Internet for daily transmission of stories.

 We have tried to fund raise to take care of these additional responsibilities, but met with no success. As a result, stories no longer flow to our newsroom consistently as they used to. We have contemplated even shutting down the publication all together, but came to the realization that it is exactly what the Biya regime wants  – the very reason why they  shut down the Internet. Besides, we have put in five solid years to what has become Cameroon’s main source of news online and we are not about to just let it die, especially with consideration to the role The Cameroon Journal is playing in the ongoing struggle for the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

We have reasoned that if the 14-16 thousand people who visit The Cameroon Journal news site on a daily basis would donate just $1.00 a month, we did be able to continue to run the publication absolutely free of charge. But until then, the only way for us to continue publishing and meeting the financial needs of our reporters is to turn to subscription only access.

Subscription fee will be $2.00 a month to start, and $3.00 recurring every month. We have PayPal as subscription agent – so that there are no concerns or fears about credit/debit card security.

We did also like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of our second daily publication called This site will be launched on April 1st. It will be a website focused exclusively on the deeds and misdeeds of the 35 years old Biya’s regime, mixed with educative features, commentary/Opinion and news.





  1. Absolutely On point. Anyone who values your services must be willing to pay for it, thus I support the initiative. More payment options please, ie mail in money order, PayPal etc. Thanks

    • fantastic!!! I am in support of it. I am addicted to your site Chris and will pay for it too. Let me know when the time comes

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