Fru Ndi Isn’t Ready For an Independent West Cameroon Yet, Appoints Francophone as SDF SG For First Time

Senator Jean Tsomelou: new SDF Secretary General

By Mua Patrick, January 13, 2017
Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Social Democratic Front, SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi has appointed Senator Jean Tsomelou as the party’s new Secretary General.

 Jean Tsomelou who is also group leader of the SDF at the Senate was appointed to the high office Wednesday alongside his 1st deputy Secretary General.

Senator Tsomelou, who replaces Elizabeth Tamajong who resigned her position of SG in February 2015 now becomes the first ever Francophone to occupy the post of Secretary General of the SDF.

Tsomelou’s appointment, it should be said, comes months after the man who hails from the West Region successfully played a pivotal role in reorganizing the then crisis-stricken Regional SDF Bureau in the Littoral. 

Born on December 20, 1968, Senator Jean Tsomelou who became Cameroon’s youngest Member of Parliament in 1997 has been serving as West Regional Chairman of the SDF.

Before his appointment Wednesday, the Post of SDF SG had been vacant for over two years following the resignation of Elizabeth Tamajong in February 2015.

She had, amongst other things, at the time of resignation, called for the position of Secretary General to be elective as well as for separation of powers within the party.

In her resignation letter in 2015, addressed to the National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, Tamajong wrote: “The SDF is a party that has always been very dear to me. This is the reason why I have relentlessly and diligently served in all the positions that I have held…”

Her resignation as the party’s SG was the third after those of the late Siga Asanga and Tazoacha Asonganyi. Like the rest, she was appointed by Fru Ndi as the party’s scribe on July 17, 2006, after acting in that position for six months upon the withdrawal of Michael Ndobegang, who had been appointed following the resignation of Prof. Asonganyi.

 In what appeared to have been one of the reasons for her resignation on February 12,

Tamajong narrated in a voluminous document outlining her stewardship in the SDF, that during her tenure, she received untold shabby treatment from the party hierarchy.

“Since taking office in 2006, I have been subject to repeated disrespect and humiliation, publicly and privately, from across the board of the party cadre,” she said in the document. 

She continued: “The dates of NEC meetings, as well as the meeting agenda, are normally fixed by the SG in consultation with the National Chairman, but recently, such meetings, namely the last two in Buea and Bamenda, have been summoned with complete disregard of the SG. I have been replaced as a statutory signatory to the party’s bank account, without even being informed, in violation of section 13.5(d) of the party constitution.”

The new SDF SG, party militants say, has a huge task ahead. His appointment is coming at a time Anglophone Cameroonians are clamouring for the status of the country prior to 1961. To even have made the appointment at this time, many commentators have said Fru Ndi isn’t being sensitive to the current socio-political climate in the country.



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