Gov’t Releases 17 Anglophone Youths, But Still Holds 21 – See The Names

These Anglophone and Francophone lawyers are poised to defend to the least all detained Anglophone youths.

By Amindeh Blaise Atabong, January 11, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Even though some 17, not 21 Anglophone youths as reported by CRTV were released late on Monday night by Yaounde authourities, 21 others remained under detention in Yaounde according to The Cameroon Journal’s findings.

The released Anglophone youths were amongst dozen others who were arrested by security operatives in Bamenda during two separate strike actions staged on November 21, 2016 and December 8, 2016.

A Release Order signed by Nzie Pierrot Narcisse, Military Prosecutor of the Yaounde Military Tribunal, freed eight of the detainees who had been held at the Kondengui Maximum Security Prison in Yaounde. Those freed include:

Tegum Elvis Adjeck,

Muluh Sylvain,

Amah Elvis,

Ambe Charbet Echu,

Ndeh Emmanuel Chi,

Abwuo Desmond Tita,

Fongyen Evaristus Nguh

and Ngu Cleton Forbed.

Six other Kondengui detainees to include Chi Conrad,

Nsoh Rigobert,

Tah Emile Angwe,

Tambu Cedric,

Tamngwa Malvin Tangwa

and Ngalim Felix were remanded in custody.

According to Barrister Ndong Christopher, who is amongst the 66-man strong defense counsel set up by the Human Rights Commission of the Cameroon Bar Association, when they visited the Secretariat of State for Defense in charge

of the National Gendarmerie (SED) in Yaounde yesterday, they found only 15 of the 24 Anglophone youths who had been held in the facility. SED authorities said others had been released on the instruction of hierarchy. But the names of those released could not be readily made available.

Government officials have not advanced any reasons as to why not all the arrested youths were released and when the others still held in detention will regain freedom. However, a dependable source who elected anonymity said the Government was going to release all those arrested during the mass protests. “They don’t want to do it at a go for it to seem as if the Anglophone Consortium coerced them into submission,” the source hinted.

Those who were released Monday were taken back to Bamenda, in the same manner they were ferried from Bamenda to Yaounde, in a mass transit bus. In Bamenda, authorities took them to the North West Governor’s office where they paid a courtesy visit to Adolphe Lele Lafrique. They were then handed over to their families.

Reports from Bamenda say family members who showed up at the courtyard of the Governor’s office to receive their love ones to their disappointment, wailed ceaselessly on the ground seeing their condition.

Apart from the fact that some had severely lost weight, some grown beards and many looking very unkept, many of the parents who had gone there in anticipation to receive their children back home didn’t find them and as a result they started wailing uncontrollably.

15 among those listed below are still detained at the National Gendarmerie Headquarters (SED) in Yaounde, the rest cannot be accounted for yet.

  1. Mundi Roland Fon
  2. Levala Brian
  3. Suchu Dieudonne Nformi
  4. Yenrin Shuabu
  5. Sonday Vincent
  6. Che Emmanuel Che
  7. Mangou Azeh Christly
  8. Wenong Enoh Moses
  9. Momorlie Edmond
  10. Kingah Valentine
  11. Noforechu Jean Pierre
  12. Awemus Joseph Chefor
  13. Dinse Oscar Ndifon
  14. Tantoh Alvin
  15. Mbako Timothy
  16. Buhngeh Mark Leslie
  17. Endoh Collins Ebon
  18. Hilary Yang Ndonke
  19. Ndi Hassan
  20. Ndasi Julius
  21. Forsuh Denise Forche
  22. Yusinyu Gerald Tawa
  23. Munyoy Simon Dayo
  24. Yungsi Donald



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