How Police, Gendarmes, Army, Surrendered to People’s Power in Bamenda Yesterday

Chu Benjamin
Chu Benjamin (standing on car roof) is one of those believed to have instigated the Bamenda protest last week

By Mua Patrick, December 1, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Security forces Wednesday, yielded to pressure from the Bamenda public when news went viral about the arrest of an individual believed to be one of the spear headers of last week’s protest in the North West regional capital.

The arrested activist whose name we got as Chu Benjamin had been picked up by a security hit squad early morning and remanded in custody, but was quickly set free hours later when crowds began gathering to force his release.

As news of his arrest went viral both in the town of Bamenda and on the social media, there was commotion as angry residents began pouring out into the streets in their numbers demanding his immediate and unconditional release.

Irate youths, majority of them we gathered were bike riders, later stormed the judicial police station in Bamenda, threatening to raze down the structure should the police fail to release the arrested young man.

Following unremitting pressure from the aggrieved inhabitants, Chu, who had been detained for several hours, was later released unconditionally. His release, it should be said, came

minutes after Social Democratic Front, SDF chieftain, John Fru Ndi, alongside North West governor, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, arrived the police station reportedly for intervention after getting wind of the situation.

Earlier during the day, information had gone viral that Benjamin was arrested alongside Mancho BBC, front liner in last week’s violent protest who has since been in hiding.

Mancho BBC, people in Bamenda confirmed to our reporter, has not been seen in public since the ugly incident of last week. However, in a close to five minute audio recording which circulated recently, Mancho said he alongside other freedom fighters, were taking the struggle for ‘Anglophone liberation’ to another level.

Mancho, who during his first public appearance in Bamenda had said his protest was unconnected to the Southern Cameroons’ independence struggle, was heard in the recording saying: “Time for Anglophone liberation is now…’’

At the time of this report today Wednesday evening, the atmosphere in Bamenda remained tense, with security forces spotted loitering around strategic corners of the city.




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