I Told Biya to Personally Resolve Anglophone Crisis – Fru Ndi

 John Fru Ndi
SDF leader, John Fru Ndi

By Mua Patrick, January 8, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Social Democratic Front, SDF National Chieftain, John Fru Ndi has said that he didn’t mince words on how the ongoing Anglophone crisis could be resolved when he held brief discussions with the Head of State, Wednesday, at the Unity Palace.

Speaking to reporters of the state broadcaster, CRTV, in an impromptu televised interview, John Fru Ndi said he made his position known to President Paul Biya that the current impasse in the Anglophone Regions of the country can only be resolved through meaningful and sincere dialogue. He said he equally urged the President to step in and personally handle the crisis.

Responding to other questions during the less-than-three minutes interview, the SDF chairman said he was disturbed by the current crisis in the North West and South West Regions that has led to the killings of several individuals.

“I came here to congratulate the Lions for their brilliant performance and to say that all Cameroonians are proud of their achievement,” Fru Ndi told reporters at the Unity Palace.

He then thundered: “But I, as I said before, I came here with mixed feelings. I am rejoicing because the Lions have won and taken the flag of Cameroon high. But at the same time in the North West and South West Regions, the administration has pushed children to a point where that flag is not being respected again.”

“I just talked to Minister Issa Tchiroma over there and told him that he should not dabble into things that he knows nothing about. He cannot stand up to say that there is no Anglophone problem,” fired the SDF Chairman.

Fru Ndi said during his exchange with the Communication Minister, he told him straight to his face that he (Fru Ndi) is a federalist, provoking him to order for his arrest.

“I told him that I believe in federalism and if he says that anybody who talks about federation should be arrested and locked up, I told him to bring his police and arrest me.”

Asked about what he thinks of the Anglophone teachers’ strike action that has since paralysed school activities in the two English-speaking Regions, Fru Ndi responded: “The teachers’ crisis that is on now is not a problem that started today. It started a long time ago. They had to fight to get the GCE board created and till today, they are still fighting and some people pretend that there is no problem.”

Fru Ndi, it should be said, was making his first public appearance at the Unity Palace since the start of 2017. He was conspicuously absent during a ceremony to present best wishes for the year to the presidential couple in January.




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