In Kumbo, Bikers Hoist Ambazonia Flag, Sing Anthem in Front of Military

The boys waiting at night beside the army van for the payment of the damaged bikes.

By Berinyuy Fonyuy, Dec. 12, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Kumbo – Kumbo town saw its share of Anglophone uprising Saturday after bikers returning from burying one of their own killed by state security in Thursday’s riots in Bamenda got confronted by a convoy of soldiers.

An eye witness related how the incident escalated to The Cameroon Journal. A group of Bike riders (Achaba boys, as they are known in Kumbo), from Bamenda had escorted and buried their friend and brother in the village of Mbiame, our informant said. The deceased was one of the bikers killed in Bamenda in Thursday’s demonstration.

On their way back, our source said, “Some of them lit fire on a tyre at Kumbo town Square roundabout to demonstrate grieve over their beloved brother and then left ahead for Bamenda.” Some group of bikers still coming from Mbiame to pass through same square to head to Bamenda did not know the previous group had burnt tyres at the square.

Upon their arrival at the square, security forces appeared from nowhere and began destroying

their bikes. Final count showed the forces damaged 15 bikes. One of the bikers was arrested carried behind the army truck which headed towards St Augustine Junction to arrest the rest of the bikers who were still on their way back to kumbo.

Unfortunately for the forces, they met a group of bikers who were still very upset at the killing

Tensions erupted in Kumbo, Saturday as one of the Bamenda deaths was taken for burial.

of one of their own. This group of young bikers, fearless of bullets over powered the forces and rescued the group member who had been arrested and put behind the military truck and then headed to kumbo square where some of the forces had congregated.

At the Squares, they pushed back the military, hoisted the Ambazonian flag and sang the Ambazonian Anthem right in front of the military. They refused to disperse until they made the military promise compensation for the damaged bikes. Our informant said it took Lawyer Akuwiyadze to calm the bikers down.






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