The Cameroon Journal is Committed  to Fighting Corruption in Cameroon.


We encourage whistleblowers everywhere in Cameroon to securely submit all forms of content that might be of public concern – documents, photos, video clips as well as story tips.

We accept all information that relates to potential wrongdoing by corporate, government or public service entities in Cameroon. Even though we will pay for the leaks/story, we will also guarantee the confidentiality of our sources.

Our goal is aimed at uncovering important government and corporate activities that might otherwise go unreported, from corruption involving public officials to systemic failure to protect the rights of individuals. Our editorial team will carefully evaluate and pursue all leads and content submitted and, if merited, report on them.


Because emails can often be recorded at various delivery junctions, it is our suggestion that sending anything sensitive to us be done through unofficial email addresses and also not on your regular computer as IP addresses can be traced. Internet Cafes will serve as best locations to send out tips and leaks. And it will be even safer to use an internet cafe a little farther from your immediate vicinity.

Tips/leaks can be sent to us through any of the following email addresses –, Tips that are published will be paid upto CFA 100,000frs.

WE ARE COMMITTED  TO KEEPING OUR SOURCES VERY CONFIDENTIAL. Together we can expose fraudulent and corrupt elements in the system in Cameroon.