Minister Ignores Anglophones, Recruits Clans Men to Fill Openings in the Ministry

Basile Atangana Kouna: Minister of Energy and Water Resources
Basile Atangana Kouna: Minister of Energy and Water Resources

By Mua Patrick, February 19, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Water and Energy Minister, Basile Atangana Kouna, has come under scathing criticism after publishing a list of some 135 recruits into the ministry with only Eight Anglophones and following it up after with another 30 names, most of them from his own Beti tribe.

The Minister, it should be said, had released the list of 135 newly recruited technicians and engineers with Anglophones numbering just eight in the list. While the list of the 135 recruits was still being criticised, the second 30-man list came up, made up of only Betis, Kouna’s tribe.

The recruited technicians and engineers according to a communiqué made public last week, are expected to be trained on the installation of solar panels in some 166 localities across the country.

The publication of the list of recruits has since attracted widespread condemnation from Cameroonians. The sidelining of Anglophones in the recruitment comes amidst ongoing protests by Anglophones against what they have described as systematic marginalisation against them.

CPDM MP calls for withdrawal of list

Hon. Enwe Francis, Member of Parliament for Momo West constituency, has expressed indignation over the

recruitment of the 135 technicians with just eight Anglophones featuring. The lawmaker of the governing CPDM party has called for the withdrawal of the list, demanding an increase in the number of Anglophones recruited.

“I am disappointed that at a time the Head of State is trying to handle the ongoing tension in the Anglophone Regions, some of his ministers are rather creating more tension by excluding Anglophones from important recruitments like the one the minister just did,” said Hon. Enwe in a telephone chat with The Cameroon Journal.

He said that the sidelining of Anglophones in the recruitment is an aberration which must be condemned, adding that the list should be immediately withdrawn and the appropriate number of Anglophones added to it.




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  1. Anglophones spilled their blood to enable Bello Bouba come back to the country after attempting to assassinate Mr. Biya but he has since kept his silence while we bury our children who are murdered on daily bases by the Vampire. may the soul of Samuel Eboa strike him during that convention.

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