Mokambe Releases New Gospel Hit Titled “Past Life”

mokambeAt that point that you take your Bible as your partner in life to succeed, you feel your past life like a miracle and the only words coming out of your mouth are in past tense; “…I was broke, I was poor, I was not existing but now I am…”

Coming from a man who says Gospel music is not only hand clapping, Mokambe has dished out the first of its kind in the 237 music industry, PAST LIFE – a  dance hall gospel knockout following the release of his debut, “Feeling Me” which he did in collaboration with Kiflex. PAST LIFE carries the experience of a man whom from his voice and attitude, you could feel and dictate his joy, his reasons for inking on a page to praise God.

“ I no be know say na so you dey…

See ma life dong change from now today eh…

Now a realize na so you dey eh…

And i’m feeling so great…


Mokambe in PAST LIFE, plays with so much infused symbolical backup and ad lip in the song which it’s still coming from the same producers of his previous song, Feeling Me, produced by Slim Beatz. Slim B refuses this time from resting his mind on his trap and afro-pop beats that he knows best, to take it to flow level with a very soft-tempo and honest instrumentals.

Listen to PAST LIFE and be inspire




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