Mutengene Goes Up in Flames as Police Shot and Kills One

Martin Mbarga Nguele, Delegate General for National Security
Martin Mbarga Nguele, Delegate General for National Security

By Mua Patrick, February 23, 2017                                

Cameroon Journal, Mutengene – The town of Mutengene in the South West Region went up in flames Wednesday following the shooting to death of a young man by police operatives.

Sources in Mutengene say trouble erupted when one Crispo, the man killed, a carpenter by profession, was gunned down by the police as he attempted to flee for safety at Quarter II neighbourhood in Mutengene.

The security elements are reported to have stormed a gambling joint along Limbe Road, Mutengene on the wee hours of Wednesday in search of some escapee hoodlums.

Noticing the presence of the police, it is reported that Crispo and friends, who were at the joint, took to their heels fleeing a potential arrest which has become very rampant in the two Anglophone Regions by the security forces. The police opened fire to intercept the fleeing young men, killing Crispo on the spot.

News of the dead of the carpenter went viral same night and within minutes, hundreds of irate youths took to the streets in protest. The lifeless body of the carpenter was then paraded along the main streets of Mutengene by rampaging youths who later deposited it at the premises of the Mutengene district police station.

Between 11pm and the early hours of Thursday morning, the protest, we learned, went wild with the protesters setting ablaze the service car of the assistant commissioner of the district police station and other cars that were parked around one filling station along the Limbe Road. The Computer laboratory and the administrative block of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Mutengene was also set on fire during the rampage because Frencophone students in the said school continued to go to school despite the embargo on schools to close down.

As at press time Thursday February 23, sources in Mutengene said no one has been arrested though the town has now been heavily militarised. Troops are reported to have been ferried in from neighbouring Douala to restore peace.

Relative calm, as at Thursday, had also returned to Mutengene. However, shops, fuel filling stations, schools, offices and markets remained closed as most denizens simply stayed off the streets for fear of the unknown.

The Divisional Officer for Tiko and other local authorities yesterday visited the neighbourhood where the incident took place as well as the police to get first-hand information about the incident.




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  1. may be he wants to die in that position. The first step to creating jobs is to remove such old people from offices. They are no more relevant for our country.

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