“No Military Has Ever Won a War Against The People” – Mancho BBC Speaks From His Hideout

Mancho BBC (standing inside white coffin) at the start of the Bamenda protest which later went violent
Mancho BBC (standing inside white coffin) at the start of Bamenda protest which later turned violent.

By Mua Patrick, November 24, 2016

Cameroon Journal-Yaounde – The initiator of last Monday’s violent protest in Bamenda identified as Mancho BBC who has since gone underground, Tuesday spoke from his hideout.

In a close to five minute audio recording  which went viral on social media Wednesday, Mancho who led the Bamenda protest which turned ugly said , he alongside other freedom fighters are taking the struggle for ‘Anglophone liberation’ to another level.

Mancho BBC, a well-known radio comedian and Pidgin newscaster in a local radio station in Bamenda who during his first public appearance had said his protest was unconnected to the Southern Cameroons’ independence struggle, was heard yesterday saying: ‘’… the time for Anglophone liberation is now…’’

In his audio piece recorded in clear grammar, he said “Anglophone fighters, this is your freedom fighter, Mancho BBC. I send you this message early this morning first to thank you for the fight you are putting on. For those of you in Bamenda, I call on you to withdraw your street battles, stay in your houses…”

He continued, “We are taking the struggle to other towns of Anglophone Cameroon. I am reaching you from Buea. We are planning a big protest in Buea. We will also move to Limbe and

Kumba. It is time for the liberation of Anglophone Cameroon after over 55 years of French dominance…”

In the message which came a day after relative calm had returned to the town of Bamenda, Mancho BBC advised the Bamenda inhabitants to remain at home.

“We will inform you on our next plan of action and we expect all of you to come out and support us in this struggle. For those who were wounded during the protest in Bamenda, we have made it possible for them to have 100% free treatment…” said the radio comedian turned ‘freedom fighter.’

He claimed that the struggle has just only started and called on Anglophones to acquire SCNC gadgets, Southern Cameroons flags and T-shirts.fundlawyers

“We have to send the message that we are no longer in support of staying together. We wanted a federation but troops came and shot at us – now we are going for total and unconditional independence. Until that is granted us, there will be no peace,” he said adding that “…we will not only liberate Southern Cameroons, we will also liberate the Francophones from the grip of bad governance under La Republique du Cameroun…”

He said he was currently strong and in good health. “Where I slept two days ago was attacked by troops. They came to get me, but the Lord Almighty saved me from their hands. I successfully moved to Buea on a bike from Bamenda,” he added.

“This is our time Southern Cameroonians. Do not relent. We must fight to the last drop of our blood. Enough is enough. We started with the coffin to show that we are not afraid to die. No military has ever won a war against the people. It is not in Anglophone Cameroon that it is going to happen…,” he said.

Teachers’ trade unionists condemn violent protests

Meanwhile, smarting from the violent protests that have led to destruction of properties and

shootings in the North West city of Bamenda, the various teachers’ associations that embarked on an indefinite strike action, have condemned it in very strong terms.

In a joint statement issued Tuesday, the teachers warned against violence and called on pupils, students and parents to remain indoors while observing the strike action.

Other interests groups in and out of the North West Region have also added their voices to those who are against any violent demonstrations.




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