OPINION: Foncha’s Betrayal and Endeley’s Omen on Southern Cameroon

By Peter Ndiba Sakwe

Dr. Emmanuel Mbella Lifafa Endeley has been proven a hero, by the passage of time. Time the greatest equalizer vilifies Dr John Ngu Foncha and Mr Solomon Tandeng Muna. These historic architects of

Dr. John Ngu Foncha
Dr. John Ngu Foncha

Cameroon’s nation state played diverse roles on which today’s events resurrect the abyss of their consciences and machinations onto a trial dock for false leadership into slavery. So much ink has flowed on the Cameroon Anglophone Saga and contemporary issues relating to the form of the Cameroon nation state.

Historians document under-the-table promises which Amadou Ahidjo baited Foncha and Muna for their personal aggrandizement and eventual betrayal of their people. Though they are documented to have apologized on the eve of their grave-bound-journey, after exhausting their advantages, their monumental crafty behaviour has reared its ugly head unto today’s Cameroon political dispensation. What was Dr EML Endeley’s position and projection on events? The words of Dr EML Endeley exude foresight and rise supreme from the dungeon of his Mokunda grave in Buea, the colonial capital of German Kamerun.

Dr EML Endeley was the man who said no to reunification: He predicted Cameroon Anglophone Marginalisation … As he pointed out in a speech on May 25, 1958:

“The advocates of immediate unification…still have to show the world how they propose in the interest and peace of all the sections concerned to achieve their aim. We of this government … are

Dr. EML Endeley
Dr. EML Endeley

convinced that far from being a priority issue, unification should only be achieved through evolutionary means…”

And in his most apocalyptic and probably most prophetic statement against unification on the eve of the plebiscite, he warned Southern Cameroonians that,

“If you vote for Cameroun Republic, you will invite a new system under which everyone lives in fear of the police and army. You will not be free to move about; you cannot lecture freely or discuss your political views in public; …and you can be arrested and flogged by the police and even imprisoned without a fair trial .“” Who amongst you”, he asked,”would like to live in French Cameroun, a country red with the blood of thousands of innocent victims killed by terrorists and the Ahidjo regime…who amongst you will like to live in a country which lacks complete respect for human dignity and where you cannot speak out your mind freely or pursue your business in peace… Who amongst you will like your children to grow up in servitude?… That will be our lot if we join French Cameroun.”

Dr EML Endeley is a posthumous hero, indeed. The reverse is true for Foncha and Muna whose progeny eclipse the underbelly of the historic stagecraft they wrought to the peoples of Southern Cameroon. What a lesson for contemporary Cameroon!

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