Prime Minister Yang in the NW to Enforce Resumption of Schools

Prime Minister, Philemon Yang
Prime Minister, Philemon Yang

By Hans Ngala, March 6, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, began a five-day tour of the seven divisions of the Northwest Region Monday March 6. According to state broadcaster, CRTV, the Prime Minister’s visit to the Region is to ensure that absolute peace reigns as and schools resume in Anglophone regions.

The Prime Minister is expected to meet with traditional and religious authorities starting in Mezam Division today March 6th and will move on to the six other divisions of the region in the days ahead.

After several unsuccessful meetings with education stakeholders in the Northwest Region since November 2016, the Prime Minister is once again in the region that his government has continually referred to as full of “vandals and extremists”.

Speaking over CRTV’s Cameroon Calling yesterday, one of the signatories who on February 4, abruptly “called off” the strike, said it was time people stopped using political chess games to make their political demands. Tameh Valentine was answering questions from anchorman, Kange Williams Wasaloko who had earlier in his report referred to Tassang Wilfred and his colleagues as “selfish.” The PM’s visit according to CRTV is to ensure the reign of peace in the region but it doesn’t take a degree in political science to understand that it is a subtle ploy to coerce parents to send their kids back to school.

It remains to be seen whether the Premier’s visit will have the intended result, given that there have been incessant calls for schools to resume at all cost on Tuesday 7th March.

It would be recalled that most of the teachers’ demands now orbited around a two-state federation as the lone way for the Anglo-saxon system of education to be saved from complete obliteration by Biya’s government. Government has since hammered on the non-negotiable state of Cameroon, no comment has been made of those arrested nor is anything being said about internet services that have been in the dark since January 17.




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