Security Forces Almost Killed Me – Fru Ndi

SDF Chairman John Fru Ndi
SDF Chairman John Fru Ndi

By Macdonald Ayang, November 23, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF party, John Fru Ndi, is mad, accusing security forces of attempting to kill him following an attack on his Ntarinkon residence on Tuesday, in the wake of violent protests that rocked the city of Bamenda at the start of the week.

In a statement issued yesterday, Fru Ndi disclosed that heavily-armed security officers descended on his residence Tuesday afternoon, pounding it with tear gas, and that not even pleas by his son on the soldiers to stop their offensive, yielded any fruits.

Fru Ndi said the attempt on his life came just hours after he had gone out to quell flaring tempers of irate demonstrators who had taken to the streets of the North West regional capital Monday to protest the bad state of inner city roads as well as alarming rents paid for market stalls in the city.

“I made a reconnaissance tour of the town at 5 p.m. following the events of Monday 21   November 2016. Roadblocks were mounted all across town and the population was resolute about fighting for what they believed in. I prevailed on them to protest peacefully. This call was generally heeded to though there were spotted instances of destruction.  The total  breakdown  of peace  and  calm was only  later  provoked   by  trigger-happy   officers  heavily  deployed   with  orders   to  shoot  and  kill unarmed  protesters.   These officers shot live rounds, tons of gas canisters and used water canons on peaceful protesters and students” recounted Fru Ndi.

About the attempt on his life, the 75-year old narrated: “To make matters worse, once again, I became a target of their calculated designs to eliminate me. On Tuesday  22nd  November  2016 at about  1:30pm, some members  of the Armed Forces moved to my residence,  pounding  it with  gas canisters   and  live ammunitions;   despite  my sons  attempt  to  stop them  from  shooting,  they  almost  killed  him.”

Fru Ndi said Tuesday’s incident was not the first by forces of the regime on his life. He recounted how in ‘the early 90’s, helicopters  heavily shelled my residence;  several  shots were  fired at me in Nkwen and  my car  burnt  down  by members   of the  Armed  Forces.  I was  subject  to  a House Arrest  and watched  helplessly  as my mother  was brutalized,  kicked in the stomach  and dragged  in the gutter.”

He contimued; “In Bafoussam, I was shot in the leg and heavily teargassed.  In Yaounde, my car was ambushed and bashed by water canons to knock it off a cliff.  We managed to escape and sought refuge in the Dutch Embassy.  During  the  Bepanda  9 protests,   water canons  hit  me with  the  intention   of having  me killed.  I have been attacked   by members   of the Armed Forces and Administration all over the country in places like Nkolfong, Pouma, Mbanga etc, during political rallies. I have been insulted and called a Biafran by the administration. Despite  all these  attempts   and  provocative   acts,  I have remained  steadfast  in my quest  for a peaceful evolution  of our nation  mainly because  of the fragility of this country.”

Fru Ndi, in his lengthy statement, also lamented the brutality of security forces on unarmed protesters in Bamenda. He said: “When a people  who have the right to protest  and ask for better  from their  government  are rather met with Marshal  Law and brutality,  they are left with nothing  else but total  disobedience,  protest and  violence.  The escalating tide of events in this city is caused entirely by the rather   boorish, hawkish and brute response of the forces of law and order.”

He added; “It is such unchecked   behaviour that threatens   the peace we work for on a daily fundlawyersbasis.  It is that behaviour that the people of Bamenda and Cameroonians at large are tired of and want change from. This is the story of Cameroon today. From North to South, East to West, there is total discontent and lack of trust in public authorities   and the institutions   that govern them.  There has never been a more defining moment in the history of this nation than now.”

Meanwhile, the SDF Parliamentary Group yesterday also released a statement condemning the brutality of regime forces on the demonstrators in Bamenda as well as the attempt by same on the life of their party Chairman, Fru Ndi.

“We are today most disturbed with the happenings in Bamenda and the North-West region in general where the forces of law and order have launched an indiscriminate attack on its children and civilian population.  They are being killed, maimed, wounded and brutalized and

teargas is being sprayed from armed helicopters and water cannons throughout the town and its environs. Contingents of troops have been brought in and are firing live bullets on the population” read part of the statement signed by SDF Parliamentary Group leader, Hon. Joseph Banadzem.

About the attempt on their party boss, the SDF MPs wrote: “Most disheartening and disquieting is the fact that these attacks have multiplied and several canisters of teargas and live bullets have been launched into the residence of Ni John Fru Ndi, the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front. This constitutes a clear attempt on his life and that of his family.”





  1. Fru Ndi is an accomplice to Biya. Why would Biya’s henchmen target his house. He is neither the organizer nor a participant to the protests.

    This is a pitiful publicity stunt by a failed leader to regain some lost credibility.

  2. Just because he did not initiate this action you call him a failure? So by supporting the lawyers and teachers that was not sufficient for you? In countries all over the world different people and groups come with different ways and methods to solve problems. One man cannot come up with every idea and methods to solve problems. What is wrong with these groups to have come up with their own methods and for him to agree with them? He is a political leader to respect in all of Cameroon. You cannot take that from him whether you iike it or not because evidence abound to prove that.

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