“Strike Continues Until We Are Given a Definite Solution to This Beggarly Life That Has Been Imposed On Us And Our Children.” – UB Lecturers to Nalova Lyonga

Dr. Nalova Lyonga (R) insists on dissociating UB from the ongoing Anglophone teachers’ strike
Dr. Nalova Lyonga (R) insists on dissociating UB from the ongoing Anglophone teachers’ strike

By Amindeh Blaise Atabong, November 24, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Buea – Lecturers of the University of Buea, UB, under the canopy of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education (SYNES), UB Chapter, have scolded the institution’s Vice Chancellor, Nalova Lyonga, over her stance on the ongoing all Anglophone teacher’s strike.

The lecturers were reacting to a communiqué signed by Nalova on November 22, on behalf of fundlawyersUB Committee of Deans and Directors, distancing the University of Buea from the ongoing Anglophone teachers’ strike which was co-orchestrated by SYNES-UB.

According to Prof. James Arrey Abangma, President of SYNES-UB, it is “shameful that some intellectuals, at this critical moment in history, some of them retired professors, can still afford the shameful option of thinking that they can continue to protect their ‘garri’ at the expense of the people’s aspirations.”

Abangma noted that it is typically Anglophone for intellectuals to stand up or speak for the deprived or marginalized. “Their role as torch bearers is even more urgent when we witness

the scale of injustice that has pervaded our society and pushed Anglophones to the fringes of our society. How can we sit quiet when the students who go through our educational system have no place in a country they rightly think is theirs too. They are not fit to enter even the professional schools they think were created to serve their interest because everything requires that they know someone or have money,” the university don explained.

The SYNES-UB President, amidst a notification by the UB Vice Chancellor that classes should keep on going, categorically stated that the “strike continues until we are given a definite solution to this beggarly life that has been imposed on us and our children.” He thanked

teachers, parents and students for their determination and collaboration in changing history.

The Vice Chancellor had earlier stated that the University of Buea did not mandate any individual or groups of persons to speak on behalf of the institution, and as such the university could not be part of the ongoing strike.

However, lectures in UB have continued to be ineffective as a great majority of lecturers stay away from lecture halls.




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