Teachers, Lawyers Defy Calls by NW CPDM Elite to End strike

Prof. Fame Ndongo, Higher Education Minister has not been an honest broker in the crisis.

By Mua Patrick, December 7, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Striking Anglophone lawyers and teachers have ignored calls by CPDM elite from the North West Region to end their indefinite strike action that has crippled courts, school and businesses in the two English-speaking parts of the country.

Meeting in Yaounde Sunday,  NW Elite, Senators and Members of Parliament had called for a resumption of school activities in the North West Region.

The Elite had particularly appealed to teachers, pupils and parents for resumption of schools to avoid, what they said could jeopardise the future of their children.

They had also appealed to the lawyers to end their boycott of the court calling on them to instead hold meaningful consultations in view of tabling pertinent and exhaustive grievances during the imminent upcoming Stakeholders of the Justice System meeting in their quest to preserve the bi-jural nature of the Anglo-Saxon justice system.

“We, the North West Elite, Senators and Members of the National Assembly hereby Appeal to all teachers, lawyers, school proprietors, the civil society, politicians, traders, bayam selams, parents, economic operators, taxi men, motor bike riders, students, pupils and all citizens of good will, to see reason and trust the government’s good faith for dialogue and peaceful resolution of all the pertinent grievances presented by teachers and lawyers,” wrote the elite.

The elite said they were pledging their total support for peace, stability and tranquillity in the Region as well as affirming their unflinching support for a one, united and indivisible fatherland – Cameroon.

While condemning all forms of violence and social tension that could jeopardize the peace and security of the region, the elite said they stand against exploitation by unscrupulous politicians, Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) infiltrators of teachers’ and lawyers’ grievances to call for ghost towns and secession of the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

They said considering the opening of judicial investigations by the Attorney Generals in NW and SW regions on allegations of molestation, brutality, seizure of wigs and other acts against lawyers in Bamenda and Buea which will permit the appropriate sanctioning of authorities guilty of acts of violence in consonance with the laws in force, it was necessary lawyers return to the courts.

In spite of the appeal, teachers and lawyers have said they will continue their strike action until all their demands are met.

A meeting yesterday in Bamenda between leaders of the teacher trade unions and members of the inter-ministerial committee charged with the responsibility to look into their grievances ended in deadlock. Paul Ghogomo, head of the committee who is also Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s office chaired the meeting.




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