Teachers’ Trade Union Wants Tumi, Prof. Njeuma, as Mediators to Teachers’ Strike

Cardinal Christian Tumi

By Macdonald Ayang, February 6, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – One of the Teachers’ Trade Unions that called for the ongoing teachers’ strike, PEATTU, has proposed the names of emeritus Archbishop of Douala, Christian Cardinal Tumi, and former University of Buea Vice Chancellor and ELECAM board member, Prof. Dorothy Limunga Njeuma, as possible independent mediators to lead fresh talks between government and protesting Anglophone teachers.

The President of the Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers’ Trade Union, PEATTU, Afu Stephen, told the Cameroon Journal last Wednesday he believes the only solution to the current deadlock between government and Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions, is the resumption of dialogue.

He said the inter-ministerial Ad hoc Committee charged with examining and proposing solutions to the preoccupations raised by the Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions, should, whenever it would have to resume work, do so in the presence of neutral mediators in the likes of those he cited above.

Prof. Dorothy Njeuma
Prof. Dorothy Njeuma

Afu Stephen, the PEATTU boss, also reiterated that things have to done approached in the right spirit given that government demonstrated bad faith in the way it handled earlier talks, as evidenced in the abrupt manner the Ghogomu committee put an end to same.

With the present stalemate, the trade unionist said a headway could only be found if independent persons of high moral integrity are brought on board as mediators.

Stating clearly why the teachers’ Trade Unions could not call off their strike, he explained that the Trade Unions function on the basis of solidarity; thus without any idea of the whereabouts of the National Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union CATTU, Tassang Wilfred, they feel lukewarm to call off the strike. “We have not heard from Tassang Wilfred even by phone. We are afraid and we don’t know where he is. We don’t know if he is safe” Afu noted.                 

“We also think that the arrested leaders should be given their freedom so that issues can go on” he added.



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  1. Let the Agrippas of decades give way.i dont share the idea of an independent southern cameroons but rather deploy all my energy in prayer and action for a federalist state. I bless God for the two official languages. Our problem is far beyond the two official languages. Its more of a hypocritical,barbaric and blood thirsty MORTAL handful of TYRANTS in both parts of the country. As such, while the old and tiring uninnovative unproductive gvt seeks for resolutions to promote both bilingualism and culturalism, the ULTIMATE resolution is to release this young energetic patriotic generation of mine. We have been held hostage ALL OVER the Country for quiet a reasonable number of years. DEAR OLD GREAT GRAND PARENTS, we do respect you ALL but you are not our CREATORS.If you continue to want us to believe this, then we shall hate you even when you are ALL gone to eternal rest.The legacy of CORRUPTION,DEMAGOGY, GREED ,INTOLENCE ,IDOL WORSHIP AND INGRATITUDE left by u shall forever remain in our history as a NATION.
    But the sound doctrines of PATRIOTISM, INTEGRITY ,LOVE ,TOLERANCE ,HARDWORK AND GRATITUDE AND ABOVE ALL THE FEAR OF THE LORD shall forever be inscribed in the hearts of every Cameroonian child after our GREAT HISTORY OF SALVATION

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