UK Based Cameroonians to Protest in Front of Commonwealth Secretariat December 9

Patricia Scotland: Commonwealth SG
Patricia Scotland: Commonwealth SG

By Mua Patrick, December 1, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – English-speaking Cameroonians based in the United Kingdom have announced a peaceful protest at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London on Friday December 9.

During the demonstration, The Cameroon Journal gathered that the protesters will amongst other things be brandishing placards calling for an end to Anglophone marginalisation in Cameroon.

A London-based Cameroonian told The Cameroon Journal yesterday that they will also use the opportunity of the protest to table the Anglophone cause before the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland. We learned that videos, photos and other strikedocumented facts on police brutality on striking Southern Cameroonians will also be presented to the Commonwealth SG.

“There shall be a protest in front of the Commonwealth headquarters in London on Friday December 9 starting at 12:00h” a statement issued by organisers of the protest read in part.

“Cameroonians living in the UK cannot take it anymore,” stated the organisers who are currently mobilising Cameroonians for the showdown.

We learnt from inside sources that Cameroonians in the UK will be joined by their peers from across other countries in Europe.

“As the regime in Cameroon has decided to continue with its brutality, we are extending the fight to other quarters. This time we are going to sign a petition and take to the Secretary General of the Commonwealth,” said one of the protest organisers in a post on social media Wednesday.

Next week’s announced protest at the Commonwealth Secretariat, it should be said, comes less than two weeks after some Cameroonians residing in Belgium and Britain took to the streets to press for the Anglophone cause.

Majority of those who took to the streets in Europe last week were lawyers and teachers who were adding their voices to that of their counterparts in the country.

During the protest, the protesters lifted banners that amongst other things, called on all Anglophone Cameroonians all over the world to stand up and save the Anglo-Saxon English system of education from complete eradication. They stressed that only a two-state federation or outright independence can save the Common Law and Anglophone Cameroon.




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