Veteran Sports Commentator, George Fontamo, Dies

George Fontamo
The late George Fontamo seen here at work before his retirement.

By Mua Patrick, January 7, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Veteran CRTV sports journalist and newscaster, George Fontamo is no more. The ace and erudite sports reporter and commentator, who retired from the state broadcaster some three years ago, died Monday in Bamenda, family sources said.

The circumstances leading to his demise were still sketchy by press time, but family sources said the prolific and versatile sports journalist died of an ailment at the age of 58. He is reported to have taken ill recently and was rushed to a health facility in Bamenda. He was since hospitalised until Monday evening when he gave up the ghost.

News of his demise went viral on social media Tuesday. Many colleagues, friends and listeners of CRTV have been pouring tribute on George Fontamo described as one of the “finest” sports reporter on the state broadcaster.

“We will always remember his literary prowess in the Cameroon Calling Sports write-ups every Sunday. One will not say that he was killed by retirement, but retirement is seriously becoming a terminal infection, particularly for journalists,” said CRTV’s Snowsel Ano-Ebie.

“George Fontamo was an iconic sports reporter. His reports especially at 9am bilingual sports news, as well as the famous Cameroon Calling on the national station, were full of wisdom and a lot of literary expressions which were so educative. He was an outspoken and sincere journalist. You remain a hero sir, live forever!,” wrote a listener.

Throughout his career, entry-level and mid-career journalists say Fontamo inspired them in joining the journalism profession. He was eloquent and unique in his style of reporting football encounters.

Born On June 13, 1959, George Fontana began his 30 year long career with CRTV as a newsroom reporter with the CRTV regional station in Buea. He will later move to the national station where he served until his retirement in 2014 with the Sports desk. He became famous with his incisive commentaries on CRTV’s weekly critical and authoritative news magazine programme, “Cameroon Calling’’.

He covered many competitions for the state broadcaster including domestic championships, the all African games, La Francophonie and Commonwealth games, the African Nations Cup and the Summer Olympics and a host of others.




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