Vreezy Ville Releases New Song Featuring Askia, Called Shakiti Dab


US based Cameroonian artiste; Vreezy Ville just released his new single titled ‘Shakiti-Dab’ featuring Camer’s rap diva; Askia. The song shows off Vreezy Ville’s versatility. It exposes how dynamic he is as an artiste. He raps and sings, hitting high notes we didn’t know his vocals could stretch to.

The song is meant to bridge the western and African culture. It integrates the Nigerian original dance move; ‘Shakiti’ with the American original dance move ‘dab.’The beat is a smooth blend of afro-beats/jazz/hip hop and reggae.

Askia adds a unique feminine flare to the song spicing it up even more. It is one of those songs that you would want to vibe to, anytime and anywhere. You should hear it, you would definitely thank me later! Click here to listen: https://youtu.be/xQfoXPWTpa8



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